Monday, November 7, 2011

Follow Me : Shopping at the Mall *Trinoma*

I went to Trinoma mall today and thought of doing a "follow me" video.

TriNoma (Triangle North of Manila) is a large shopping mall in Quezon City, Philippines which opened in 2007.

It's one of my favorite malls to shop because the mall is not too big so finding what you need exactly is not so much of a burden. It's not too small either so it has all the amenities and shops that you need.

Here's the exterior of the mall.

I really wanted to film myself while walking around the mall but I was alone so I could only show you the stores. They were also strict so most of the places that I filmed stopped me as soon as they noticed that I was actually filming their shop.

So come and let's start shopping!! ^_^

I also wanted to show you what I wore that day but there wasn't any quiet place nor any decent mirror to do it so I just went ahead and asked the random guy to take a picture of me.

Do you notice how awkwardly I was smiling? haha! I just didn't find it comfortable enough to smile in front of a man I don't know.

Anyway, here's what I bought

Paris notebook and Victorian mirror from A'postrophe

Belo face products (to be sent to my cousins in California)

Converse Chuck Taylor. Been wanting to get these.
Finally found the reason as I needed one for a costume event.

Random beauty stuff from The Landmark.
My favorite department store! :)

Here's everything.
I also bought a cardigan for this.

* * *

I hope you liked the place. There are many nice places in Manila and I want to show all of them to you, if only that's possible! :)

I'll be uploading more follow me videos soon so please stay tuned!