Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I wore for Halloween

It's back-to-school for Halloween!

I've always wanted to wear a Korean uniform inspired outfit. Since it so hot here in the Philippines, students only wear a basic white blouse with collar and a skirt. Period. I am a huge fan of Korean dramas and I adore their cute school uniform. So, for our company Halloween party this Halloween of 2011, I decided to be a student!

If you watch a lot of Korean dramas, then I am sure you know exactly where I got my inspirations from.

I originally wanted to be Miss A Suzy's Go Hye Mi character from Dream High.

In the drama, she wore a lot of head bands with bangs cut full. Her skirt was plaid brown and she wore a matching brown coat and a striped red bow.

I looked for pieces of vintage clothing in my mom's closet and found this brown plaid skirt that I thought was similar as Suzy's skirt.

So, I was decided that I was just going to wear a brown coat with it. I went to the mall to get a red tie and a school patch. I was looking thru the items when I luckily found this black jacket/cardigan that was similar to that of Jan Di's.

I have then decided that I will just be Jan Di + Hye Mi! haha. So I went ahead and bought some knee-high black stockings from the department store. I was also wearing a black vest under the coat but it doesn't show in the pictures. I just printed out my name in Korean and pasted it on a card board and wore it as a name plate. Red tie, Red hair bow, Chucks and glasses and I looked like an authentic student. ^_^

Here's what you need for the look:
A white blouse with collar - I used my old college uniform
Vest - I used the one I got from Divisoria
Red neck tie - I borrowed from my Uncle
A coat / cardigan - I bought from Landmark, Trinoma for Php 400
Plaid skirt - I used my mom's vintage skirt
Knee high socks/ stockings - I got mine from Burlington for Php 99
Tie up boots / Sneakers - I chose to wear a black high cut Chucks
A school patch - I got from a hobby shop for Php 20
A name plate - I did on my own :)
reading glasses with black frame - Borrowed from a friend
GEO Dolly Eye Contact Leses - I bought from an online shop

So, basically most of the items I wore were borrowed. haha. I just thought it won't be practical to spend bucks on pieces I would be using just once.

And that's the final look!

I was happy to be able to finally sport the look that I've always wanted.

I know what I'm going to be for next Halloween but my lips are sealed so just stay tuned. :)