Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pre-Christmas Nail Polish Giveaway

I decided to organize my humble nail polish collection. I started being into nail polishes in June 2011 and 5 months after, here's what I got.

I know it's not a lot especially if you compare it to other nail artist's collection. I also know that I don't have high end brands but what I do know is that I have more than what I could really use. So, I came up with a good idea! Why don't I giveaway some of the nail polishes that I haven't used yet? It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Sharing my blessings and making my readers/subscribers/followers happy! :)

*This giveaway is open only for readers in anywhere in the
*The items up for giveaway are just some drugstore brands so please don't expect anything expensive or high-end.
*The items are new but some of them may have been swatched once.
*Shipping will be handled by me so you don't have to worry about anything. :)

Here's what you could get:

  • Caronia Frosted Blue Nail Polish
  • 4 Cracking Nail Polishes (Blue, Red, Pink, Black)
  • 3 La Belle Nail Polishes (Baby Pink, Frosted Green, Frosted Lilac)
  • 3 Caress Nail Polishes (Frosted Green, Bronze, Frosted Lavender)
* I also decided to purchase additional items
like a basic white nail polish for the cracking polishes,
a clear nail polish, nail polish remover
and pink hearts toe separator.
(Photo will be added later)


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There will only be 1 winner, so the winner will get all the prizes.
* Contest period is from November 2, 2011 until November 15, 2011.
*Anyone can join but please leave a comment just once.
*The winner will be announced on this blog on November 15, 2011 midnight.
* Winner will be selected via Random. org

Good luck!