Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Shopping Haul

Just a quick post! I went a little shopping this weekend. I know some people don't really like reading hauls, but I like it because it gives me ideas on what I must buy/try next. If bloggers buy it, then it must be of good quality.

So anyway, here's what I bought.

Nothing really fancy, new or expensive. Just the things I've been wanting to get but didn't have the time to, didn't have the money to shop for or the store didn't have stock.

First, a bandage / body con skirt from Forever 21.
(Php 555 or $13)
Bandage skirts are really popular these days especially it's summer! Long sleeve sheer tops go perfect with this kind of skirt. Tuck the shirt in for a more classy look, tuck it out for a more comfy/laid back attire.
I love this skirt's print. I went to Forever 21 and was browsing through the stalls when I saw this. Love in an instant. Bandage skirt and Tribal/Aztec print - 2 trends in 1 clothing item, gotta buy that!

Havaianas flip flops in metalic gold
(Php795 or $19)
Nothing new here. Just the very basic pair that I've been meaning to get. I have the silver version of this that I got three years back. I wanted to have the gold version of it but each time I go to All Flip Flops they either don't have my size or they don't have it at all.
Also, what size of Havaianas do you wear? I am 35-36 but some 35-36 are too small and won't fit and make me look like I borrowed someone else's slippers. Some of them fit perfectly. I was happy when this pair fit my feet like gloves!

Mango Aviator shades
(Php695 or $17)
It's summer, for crying out loud! Gotta protect our eyes from sun's harmful rays. I love Aldo & Mango sunnies. I went over to Aldo's but didn't see anything fancy so I went Mango next. I saw this and I loved it. Again, nothing really new or striking, just the basic aviator type of sunglasses.

Etude House petite darling nail polishes
(Php 48 each or $1)
Yes, pastel nail polishes and cute packaging, great combination for a price that's really affordable! What made me purchase more Etude House nail polishes is because I noticed that recently I've been using my other pink petite darling nail polish a lot. It's really pigmented, one coat is enough for you to have vibrant nails, and it doesn't chip easily. I saw these pastel colors and bought them.

And that's what I bought. Told you, nothing fancy, right?

What did you buy lately? Comment down below.

Also, I want to know if you are having the same experience in Havaianas' changing sizes?

Let me know!