Friday, June 22, 2012

Negative People

They say you have to let go of the people who cause you negative feelings and just simply surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you and lift your spirit.

Negative people will always notice what is wrong in you and will always highlight where you are lacking. They will never ever appreciate you and you can never ever please them. It's not that you have to, but they will never be happy for you. People like these are never happy about someone else's achievements and they feel glad when you have your shortcomings. They will try to pull you down and will always ridicule and criticize you.

Positive people never notice your flaws and just focus on your strengths and capabilities. Even if you do have some flaws, they won't care and your flaws won't matter. They are the people who are happy for you and inspire you to do the best and be the best that you can be. They lift you up and applause your achievements and will always be there for you.

We've all had our fair shares of experiences dealing with negative people. I just had one today. Just a random person, who's not even my friend, did something very rude to me. Of course, my emotions were stirred up and I was really mad. But the best way you will ever let a negative person win over you is when you stoop down to their level and when you give in to what they want- and that is when you actually start a fight/argument with them. I talked with some of the closest people to me and I just had to let my emotions out and then I felt okay. Negative people will always try to pull you down and they feel happy when they see you actually go down.

Here are some simple tips on how to deal with a negative person:

1. Calm down and never let your emotions rule you
-As I've said, negative people will always try to stir up your emotions. They feel joyous when they are able to catch your attention by making you unglamorously angry and furious. So, when you encounter such a situation, try not to be swayed by your emotions. Stop for a while and think. Pray. Sometimes, negative people are driven by bad vibes and bad spirits. The best way to cast them away is to ask for God's guidance. I know this, because I used to be a hot headed person. My friends had a hard time making me into a softer person. They influenced me to put God first in everything, especially during times like these. When I am angry at someone, I always try to STOP......and pray. I ask God to touch my heart and touch my tongue. My heart so that I don't feel hatred towards the person. And my tongue so that I don't say anything that I will regret at the end. It always works, trust me! :)

2. Never get into an argument
-The ugliest way to deal with a negative person is to actually get into an argument with them. And I am imagining dirty, loud and ugly argument. Never do that! And if you have to really have to talk, then at least do so when you are not at the peak of your emotion and have someone else around while you discuss matters. Ugly situations will be avoided if there are people to mediate.

3. Surround yourself with people who really matter
-Only one thing you have to remember, you don't need negative people in your life so quickly get rid of them. On the other hand, keep your family and your friends closer. They are the ones who will lift you up and will make you feel better. Spend more time with them. And while they never let you down, try to give the favor in return. Appreciate them and always show you care for them and always show gratitude, it will keep them sticking with you forever. :)

4. Ignore the negative comments
-Sometimes, negative people are haters who can't understand why some people like you. If you have haters, you have lovers as well, it's always a Yin Yang thing. Focus on your lovers and never mind the haters. You can never really escape criticism, so why spend days of your life stressing your self out? Listen to compliments and ignore insults. People will not succeed by giving negative comments and their words will never make you fail-unless you let them.

5. Know yourself and be yourself
-If negative people are trying to pull you down by making you feel inferior and unable, the first thing you have to do is to know yourself well. Are you really not that good? Is what you're doing really mediocre? If so, then improve yourself! No person is more fool than those who have been criticized but then didn't make any effort to improve or change themselves. But if you have thought about it and found out that what they are claiming you to be are just false accusations, then don't listen. Put your head up high and be confident. You know yourself and now you can be yourself.

6. Be kind to people
-They say life is always a give and take relationship. You may never know, some people could be pulling you down because you were unkind to them at one point or you were rude at one time. Be cautious, but not pretentious. Be kinder to people so that you don't act rudely or you don't step on their pride and ego. Some people, when hurt, get back at you by being mean to you. So today, don't be yourself, be someone a little nicer.

7. When all else fails, forgive and understand
-If you're done everything and all of them seemed to have failed, then just be the kinder one and simply forgive and understand those negative people. You don't lose anything in forgiving and being humble, this is what my friends have taught me. When you humble yourself, you don't lose the fight, but you make God happy. Surrendering the battle doesn't mean you're weak. It only means you are strong enough and wise enough to forgive and understand. You will gain so much more positive people in your life when you try to be more humble, believe me.

Life really is short. Sometimes some people reach the dusk before they even had the chance to enjoy the day. So, enjoy life and never let negative people bring you down, stress you out and
tell you what you can't do. Always stay positive, be happy and grateful each day. There are many wonderful things on earth to discover, many places to go to, people to meet and experiences to live. Enjoy life and be happy... Stay positive!