Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pink Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Ombre is really popular these days. We see a lot of ombre tops, skirts, shorts and even hair color. So I thought, why not on nails!

This design is really easy and fun. You don't even need steady hands to achieve it, since you will be blending and smudging the colors, anyway.

I was sure that I was going to make an ombre nail art tutorial, but I was not sure which shade to create. I Googled some photos and then I saw this shirt. I am not very sure but I think it's from Forever 21. So pretty!

You also don't need to own a lot of nail polishes for you to achieve this. Three basic colors will do. Even two shades! You just need to blend the colors well and be sure that there are no harsh edges.

Ombre in the shades of green, mint, blue, rainbow or even black-and-white are pretty, too!

Here's what I used in the video:

And here is the tutorial:

I really like how the three colors blended and created a very pretty gradient. If you have short nails, I suggest just using two nail polish shades and then blend the colors together at the center of the nail.

Try this design and I'm sure people would notice your pretty and chic nails!

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