Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Don't you just love how glitters transform anything plain and boring to dainty and girly?

Since I have been creating nail arts with complicated designs, this time I thought of doing something even beginners can do.

Do-it-yourself glitter nail polishes!

When I go to the mall, the first sections I go to are Nails, Clothes and Shoes. I am always on the look out for new, inexpensive and pigmented polishes. However, some of them could get too pricey. I even saw a glitter nail polish that looks so regular that sells for P395!

Here's what you need:

For this project, I only spent P34 for the 6 color glitters. I got it at National Bookstore.

P20 for each clear nail polish, I bought 6 bottles.

So, all in all, I only spent P154. And that's for 6 cool polishes as opposed to buying just 1 expensive bottle for double the price. :)

Here's the tutorial:

I didn't know that the glitters would bleed and give color to the clear nail polish. I think the material they used for the glitter was too cheap that's why... I intended to do a clear glitter polish with just the glitters shining. But, I think it's prettier this way. I like how there's a colorful base and shiny glitters in just one bottle.

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