Thursday, October 25, 2012

Accessory Giveaway Winners!

Announcing the winners of our accessory giveaway! 

This giveaway was sponsored by my friend, Mikaela, who owns a Facebook based shop.

The steps to enter were very easy and we gave you guys 3 weeks to join the giveaway. So finally, here are the winners! :)

*Winners were randomly picked using fruit machine name generator. 

SET #1

SET #2

SET #3
Only one person entered set #3! So, congratulations! :)

SET #4

Congratulations to the 4 lucky winners! Your jewelry set will be sent to you soon! Please send me a message or on Facebook for your name and shipping address!

Also, thanks to everyone who joined! Thank you for believing and participating in this humble giveaway! 

We wanted more people to know our Facebook fan pages so we held this giveaway.

But even if the giveaway is over, you can still like my friend's online shop, Cuties And Charms, on Facebook! The store has so many cute finds like hip accessories, fashionable bags, trendy watches and some other cool items! Be sure to like Cuties And Charms on Facebook!

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