Friday, October 19, 2012


I know, I said I want to keep this blog as positive and as light as possible... I never forget that! :)

But one of my mottos in life is to always speak up when I see a wrong doing. I read a quote somewhere saying that the world is scary not because of the wrong doings, but because of the people who see wrong acts but then do nothing about it. But don't get scared, I'm not posting about something really bad...

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "BOGUS"?

I remember that tiny yellow cartoon character back in my 1990's... the annoyingly-adorable Mr. Bogus!

But fast-forward to 2012, we now commonly refer to BOGUS as an act or a person who frauds or does or sells something fake. Synonyms: fake, false, forged, fraudulent, counterfeit.

Because I always want to present myself and my sites nicely to you guys, I want to make my blog, YouTube channel and Facebook page as dainty as possible. My friend, referred a "good" Facebook/Multiply/Site theme store.

I searched for that site called MEOW DESIGNBOOTH.

You see, I bought a customized Facebook theme from this shop last June 2012. It was supposed to be for my Facebook fan page. It's a landing page that's supposed to look like this..

What I didn't like about all this was the fact that the store owner even tried to scare me and threaten me by saying she will post me as a "BOGUS BUYER" so that her other followers can see. Why? Because I wasn't able to pay the amount of P700 on the right time. I was supposed to pay it June 24, 2012 but I was only able to pay it June 26, 2012.

Two days! And I was threaten and my credibility was on the line just like that. :(

But, look now. I payed for the theme June 2012 and what date is it now? Yes, October 2012. 4 months, I have been waiting for four months.

The seller doesn't go online anymore and doesn't respond to the customer's queries. It turns out, I am not the only one whose theme was left undone. Many online shop owners and bloggers were also left waiting.

I have contemplated many times if I should post this here, or not. But I thought, if I don't who will? 

It's now always about money that we are talking about here. It's also about your integrity and your dignity and credibility that will take you places.

They say the foot you step on today may be the same foot to kick you the next day. Life is short and the world is round and really is small. I hope people could be more responsible and trust-worthy enough. 

Just a thought.

For people who want to buy online, this is a reminder. Always Always be careful who you trust your money with. No big or small amount of money is free and forgivable when taken unjustly. Always be careful when buying online. Make sure that the online store is trust-worthy. Also, look for reviews and customer/buyer feedback before actually closing a deal. It's not just your money that will be put to waste, but also your effort, time and trust.

Thank you for reading!