Monday, November 19, 2012

INFINITE Inspired Nail Art ∞

Just when you thought I was over creating K-Pop inspired nail arts, here I am again with another one! 

My love for the music is just about the same level as how you love One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Madonna or Paramore. I know, genres are different and even the age bracket is different, but you know what they say, Music makes us one. :)

Anyway, this design is Infinite inspired. Here's how it looks:

The photo  is kind of dark and grainy. I am still having hard time taking nail photos. I used my Canon Ixus 230 point and shoot for this. But still, even if I use my Canon 650D dslr, the photos still come out far from perfect. Do you have any tips on how to perfectly take photos of nails? Do I need to get a macro lens? Help! :) 

If you don't like Infinite or don't have any idea who they are, you can still paint this design on your nails. I'm looking at the photo right now and I think this can still fly as an everyday nail art. Simply forget that I got it from a boy band and your nails will still look awesome!

Here are the photos showing where I get the design for each nail...
If you like Infinite then you probably know the reason behind each nail. But here are the photos just in case...  

Thumb: Metal Gold Pearl with Infinite logo

Index: Namgrease throwing excessive amount of hearts

Middle: Gyu and his animal print fashion

Ring: Myungsoo and his love for black clothes

Pinky: Yeol's favorite color and his wacky face


Here is the tutorial: