Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How do you deal with random haters?

I always say how thankful I am to readers and viewers like you who are so kind and gentle and ever so supportive. Honestly, I can't do this without you guys! :)

But one thing that really upsets me are some haters. Out of, say, 500 positive comments, there will always be that 1 comment that will ruin your mood.

Today, I left the house feeling so ecstatic because only 3 days to go before the concert that I've been waiting for so long. I left the house all smiles and I seriously felt like smiling at every people I came across with. And then I got to the office, checked my mail and found these...

Some of you may ask why I care so much for haters? I actually don't. But, be honest. When it took you so long to build your house, decorate it and beautify it... and then a random passerby throws a garbage in your lawn, won't you get mad and wouldn't you also want to clean that trash??

I don't understand why some people hate so much on other people.

First of all, YES, I DO HAVE BAD SKIN. I suffered 6 months of severe acne breakout. It took me a LOT of courage to go out of the house, continue with my life and face the world looking like that! What did you have to go through?? Sometimes, haters just hate even without knowing what you've been through. 

I'm ugly? Tell me, how do you define BEAUTY? Flawless skin, blue eyes, sharp nose, plump lips, V shaped jaw line, perfect white teeth? If you do, then I am sorry to say but you are too shallow. The world is not just about being perfect on the outside. When I had the acne breakout months ago, that's when God taught me how to be humble. How not to look and judge people based on their appearance. I've learned so many things because of my acne. What have you learned??

I wish my life as a blogger and YouTuber could be easy. I just want to write and upload videos, you know. But I know, even the most famous ones like Michelle Phan and even the most adorable Bubzbeauty have haters so how can I be, a simple and newbie blogger, be any exemption?

I just pray for more courage. 
One day, I hope I can just shrug this kind of feeling 
and learn from Anne Curtis' famous line : MASTER THE ART OF DEADMA.

Thank you for reading today!