Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BTOB 비투비 Nail Art

I am really taking this Kpop Nail Art seriously! If only my schedule would permit me, I would want to create 3 to 4 K-pop nail arts per week. (But I got worried I might run out of groups and music videos to use!) Plus, balancing work + school + online world + real world is fun but never easy. hehe. 

So here is my K-pop nail art for this week. I did BTOB Press Play.

I'm not sure how many of you guys appreciate my K-pop nail arts. I hope you do, though! I put so much effort and not to mention passion into my nails when I do them. :)

My new favorite group for this year 2013, BTOB! Yeah, I know! I switch my favorite every now and then! lol. I still LOVE INFINITE though and I am so waiting for them to come back and have a solo concert here in the Philippines. It's like Min Ho from SHINee was my first love but Kim Sunggyu will always be my true love. Now, BTOB is my Summer romance (since it's Summer!) hehe

So glad I discovered them while they are still fresh. I feel disappointed when I like a group when they are already big and famous. I know, BTOB is going to make it big, too, like their senior Beast.. But I noticed that when a group is just starting out, they put so much effort in pleasing(?) the fans and I like that!

Why am I talking so much in a nail art post? I don't even know! haha!

Anyway, here are the inspirations for each nail :

THUMB - Ilhoon's hounds tooth print pants
INDEX - Sungjae's denim vest + some pin buttons

MIDDLE - Minhyuk's Sugar Skull printed pants. (Those are skulls, look closely!^^)

RING - Peniel's paint splattered jacket
PINKY - Hyunsik's striped sleeves

Watch the tutorial here :

 I know, I used too many techniques in just one video. I hope that didn't make your head ache. :)

So, what do you think of this nail art? 

Oh yeah, if you're not into K-pop, you can still go ahead and paint all your nails like the hounds tooth print, or the paint splatter or the stripes. Doesn't have to be K-pop inspired if you don't want it to be! :)