Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to start a BLOG

So you want to be a blogger? 

These days, people who read blogs grow bigger and bigger, that's why people who start their own blogs also increase in number. Having a "blog" and being a passionate blogger are two diferent things. So this post is dedicated to people who are inspired or are thinking of starting their own blogs. 

How to start your own blog :

1.) Come up with a concept of your blog
-First you have to think of what you want to blog about. Do you want to blog about beauty, fashion, food, travel, photography, nail art, gadgets, politics, music, showbiz...? The possibility is endless! Just remember that you have to stick to the concept to give your blog an identity that the viewers will remember.

2.) Think of a blog name
-The blog name must be unique yet remarkable and easy to remember. As you know, there are lots of blogs out there. Your first edge is your blog's name. Of course, your blog name should somehow tell the readers what you are blogging about. When people remember your blog, they will surely keep coming back.

3.) Choose a blog host
-Blog host website is the website where you write and post your blog entries. There are lots of blog sites, too. Some of the well known sites are:
I use because I find their layout user-friendly. I have a wordpress account just in case I need to import my blog in the future. I don't have tumblr because I personally think tumblr is more on reblogging photos and other people's posts.

4.) Customize your blog
-This part should come later but since we are talking about the blog site, I'm going to insert it here. 
  • Customize the layout of your blog
Blog readers are also "visual". They will read a blog that pleases not only their minds but also their eyes. Pay attention to your blog's color, these days plain white background is popular. It creates clear and clutter-free view for your readers. The font must also be bold and readable, avoid italicized and cartoon fonts.

You can find a website creator/designer and have them to customize your blog, but this is usually expensive. Or you can opt to do-it-yourself your blog. There are lots of tutorials online, you only need to Google it. 

  • Get your own blog domain   
Getting your own domain means removing the .blogspot / .wordpress / .tumblr from your blog's address. Therefore turning it from to Why do you need to do this? Well, some readers are usually on-the-go. They like blogs with short and easy to type URL's. The shorter, the better. So if your blog's address is then you can't really expect people to visit your blog so often, can you?

I had my blog custom domained by It only cost's $10/$12 per year. So, if you have extra bucks, I say go get your own domain! 

5.) Write interesting posts
-Readers want to feed their minds with information. If it's not informative, then it should at least be fun or interesting. Something that will catch their attention. Usually, a viewer will stay on your blog the first time they visit it in no less than a minute. So you have a minute to get them hooked. 
It is also important to write regularly. Some bloggers do it everyday, some thrice a week. You want to write often to keep your blog updated. Also, you get readers and views from Google as well. When someone Google's something, Google usually gives the most viewed or the most recent posts. So your articles should fall somewhere in those two categories.

6.) Post good quality photos
-I personally look at photos first when I read a blog. When photos are good, I don't care no matter how text heavy it is, I will still read it. I would like to believe readers have the same thought as mine. If you can not afford an HD camera, at least try to edit your photos. Adjust the lighting and contrast setting. If you can afford an hd point and shoot or dslr, then go for it. Believe me, pictures make a huge difference in a blog!   

7.) Add your site on blog directories
-Adding your site on blog directories allow people to find you easier. Blog directories also lists blogs by categories. So this gives your blog more exposure. There are also some blog directories that list blogs by view/hit rank. So you'll pretty much have an idea of how your blog is doing.

For list of blog directories, please click here.
If you are from the Philippines, be sure you sign up for topblogs!  

8.) Read other blogs 
-Take a look at what other people write. By doing so, you extend your network. Don't forget to leave comments and then write the link to your blog. 

9.) Interact with your readers    
-Nothing is more uninteresting than a blog full of comments and queries from readers but not a single response from the writer. Interacting and responding to your readers give them the feeling that you value them and you appreciate that they take the time to read your blog. If a reader asks a questions, be sure to answer. If the viewer posted a short comment, a short yet friendly response would be nice.

10.) Be Honest, Passionate and Humble 
-No matter what genre you wish to write, honesty is really important. If you write about gadgets reviews, be sure you are telling people everything they need to know about it. If you are reviewing a certain beauty product, say the positive and the negative. For movie / book reviews, be sure you are writing objectively. Readers feel the writer's honesty. 

Same goes for the passion you have in what you do. When you are passionate, it reflects on your works. A sloppily written article will be different than the one done with passion. 

Last, if ever you make it big as a blogger, no matter how big and famous you get, remember to keep your feet on the ground. Fame and popularity come and go, but your passion, love for your craft and how you treat other people will never ever fade away. :)

What you need to start a blog :
  • A computer
  • A camera ( preferably HD)
  • Strong internet connection
  • Photo editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Picassa, etc.)
  • Lots of Time
  • Dedication and Passion 

Last tip? HAVE FUN! :) There are really no rules in blogging, just guidelines. Your blog is your on little world on the web. Don't be afraid to experiment and take chances! Do it while you still can. Blogging is really fun and it will open a whole new world for you. 

I hope this post was helpful!

If ever you decide to open a blog or have finally started one of your own, don't forget to comment below and leave the link so that I and other readers could also visit your website. :)

Thanks for reading!