Tuesday, March 19, 2013

FAQ : are you Real Asian Beauty?

Ever since I started this blog and my YouTube channel, one of the most asked questions is 
"Why is your username RealAsianbeauty?"

Believe it or not, I also cringe when I hear my username. It gets even harder (and more awkward) for me when my friends make fun of me and call me RealAsianBeauty instead of Kristine. 

And it makes me sad when people (on the internet) ask me why I chose that username when clearly they do not see that I represent the general beauty of Asian. Yes, it does hurt me sometimes. I mean, why are people making a fuss over a username? I wanted to create something that is short enough yet would make a big impact so that you guys would remember and would make you come back here often. I wanted to be a beauty blogger/Youtuber (but my acne broke out) so I wanted to make a name with the words Asian and Beauty. I tried Asianbeauty but it was already taken on blogger, Youtube and even on Twitter so I could not use that anymore. So I just settled for RealAsianBeauty.

But just because I use that as my online username doesn't mean I'm claiming that I am the epitome of what Asian beauty is. I honestly admit that I am not perfect, so far from it. I have flaws, so many but then I just chose to be happy about them and accept that I can not have everything. 

Some of the things that I don't have that people point out why I should not be using my username are :
*My bad skin
*My imperfect nose
*My cute height
*My accent when I speak English
*And other things that some people find imperfect about me

We all have our preferences. Let me tell you why I chose that username. I personally think Asian women are beautiful. If I weren't born as an Asian, I would still think that way, though. The beauty of Asian women really amazes me. It's not like I don't think other races come behind, please I am not implying that. It's just really my personal preference. Some of us have mocha skin while some have pale-milky skin. Most have round almond eyes while others have smaller eyes. And so many more reasons why I adore them. Go around Asia and you will find out what I mean. 

On the other hand, there are some people who don't question me but may be offended or may find my username biased or a bit racist. If you think that way, then I sincerely apologize. Sometimes it makes me wonder if my username actually prevents me from having more viewers and followers, I hope it's not doing that. 

I know I am not perfect. If you read this blog more, you'll find photos of me during the time of my acne breakout. It's bad skin right there. If I were selfish I would just have hidden those photos and would have chosen to upload edited photos of me with clear skin. But I didn't. Because I am hoping that somewhere and somehow, my acne story would help someone.  

There are also viewers who comment that my nose distracts them and that I should go to Korea to get my nose fixed or something. I mean, how can someone just say that on the internet, right? I mean, when you see a thin lady on the street, you don't go up to her and say "Hey miss, you're so thin, go buy a sandwich and eat it.". As much as bloggers and Youtubers try to be sensitive about what they post on the internet, I hope viewers and readers could also be sensitive about what they write. It could be just a random comment for you and you never go back to that site ever again. But what you may not realize is that how your comment could affect the ego and the life of the person

If everyone (internet or real-life) would just respect each other, then the hate would be lessen. There's so much hate in this world already. Country hating another country. Religion hating another religion. Leader hating another leader. Celebrity hating another celebrity. Neighbor hating another neighbor. I hope we, as internet users, do not contribute to the hate our world has anymore.

The key word is RESPECT

Thanks for reading!