Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Featured in a Magazine, 100th YouTube Video plus Giveaway!

So many things happening already, yet it's only the first quarter of the year! Though they're not extravagant or anything glamorous, I am still really thankful for everything. I believe that's where most great things start, from those small baby steps that will lead you to that one big goal that you have! :)

First, I hit my 100th video upload on YouTube! Yay! It may not be such a big deal for some YouTubers, but for a full time worker that I am, 100 videos is really such an achievement! I really want to try to be a full time blogger/YouTuber, though. But my mom is still stopping me. I believe that parents are usually right when they advise their children, so I am listening to her...(for now, that is)

So here is my 100th video upload on YouTube!!

With just a few more clicks, I will also hit 30,000 subscribers and 7,000,000 video views! Wow! 

Sometimes, I really wonder if anyone famous has ever came across any of my videos... I wish they'd leave a comment so I won't be left wondering like this! hehe

Anywaaaay, this year I was also featured in a magazine. A very cute and tiny space in a local magazine!

You can read more about the magazine feature here. 

To celebrate this small magazine exposure of mine, I am giving away a copy of the magazine to 1 lucky reader!

How to enter :

*Simple comment on this post and tell me what you like watching or listening to Kpop music!

That's it!

You may be wondering why I'm giving away just one copy... That's because this Sparkling magazine is soooo hard to find. It gets sold out so easily. Would you believe that I even had hard time finding my own copy? I wish they'd print out and release more copies. Summit meadia, please? Thank you! :)

And thank YOU for being with me always!