Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skin Care at Skin Sanctuary

If you frequently visit this blog then I am sure that my skin condition is no secret to you. I used to have really bad acne, I still get some spots every now and then, that's why taking care of my skin is very important. 

They say beauty starts with having good skin therefore I am always on the look out for good products and services to help me improve the condition of my skin.

Let me share to you a nice facial centre I discovered recently.

Skin Sanctuary is located in Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City.

Finding the place is a bit tricky so here is a map to help you find the place easily.

So if you are from Edsa, take the Chino Roces Avenue. Then, before you reach Shopwise Pasong Tamo, you will see a roundabout. Turn right from there and walk/drive a little more. After some 10-15 establishments, you will see Skin Sanctuary's clinic.

What's good about Skin Sanctuary is that their clinic feels so homey and cozzy.

Since I was alone, I had to take my photo like this. 

List of Skin Sanctuary's services and prices :

Dermatologist's Consultation Fee              P 400
Cleansing Facial with High Frequency       P 349
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion            P 799
Intense Diamond Peel                               P 1,199
Chemical Peel                                           P 599  
Back Cleaning                                           P 999
Face Rejuvination with Vit-C Infusion      P 1,499
LipoSolve Lipocavitation                          P 2,500 per area/session   

Time for my facial!

I tried their Cleansing Facial with High Frequency. 

Sorry, I needed to cover my face. I didn't want my nostrils to be saying hi to you in the picture. hehe

I wanted to try one of their peeling services to get rid of my acne scars, but the lady said I can't because my skin might flare up because I had some open spots on my cheek.

Mask time! I really like masks at facial clinics because it gives me time to sleep. haha. The cozy ambiance plus the relaxing music and on top of those, the invigorating facial mask will surely put you to a good nap!

All in all, it was a good experience. I hope Skin Sanctuary opens a branch near my house so I can visit their clinic more often.

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Thanks for reading!