Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Featured Video #3 : Michelle Phan's Romatic Juliet Make-up Tutorial

Featuring some of you on my channel is so much fun! I enjoy watching the videos that you guys submit to me. I am impressed how creative and passionate you guys are! :)

I decided to feature two videos in a month. So, here is our 1st featured video for the month of March. 
We have Krisell Lumagui's version of Michelle Phan's Romantic Juliet make-up tutorial.

Krisell is also a Filipina like me. She is a free-lance make-up artist. I think her works are pretty good. So definitely check her out! :)
Watch her video here :

So if you liked her tutorial, don't forget to check out her YouTube channel and subscribe to her as well! :)

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Thanks for reading!