Monday, April 8, 2013

Heatless Beachy Waves for Spring / Summer

In the Philippines, you know it's already Summer when you find yourself screaming in pain (literally) because of the scorching heat. I say scream in pain because as you know, it's almost Summer here the entire year so we are used to the hot climate. But when we complain about the heat, then you'll know it's for real!

During Summer, I noticed that girls don't get beautified too much. It's probably because they know the make-up is going to melt anyway and the pretty clothes will just make them feel hot later. 

So if you have no time to fix your hair or feeling a little lazy because of the hot weather, then here is a fun and easy trick! Hair waves without using any heat or products. 

I'm not sure if you know this trick already but I've been doing this ever since I was in high-school...which was back in 2000-something. lol. I love how the hair can look so dainty without using any products or torturing the hair with heat.

How to achieve beachy waves without heat / any hair product :

1.) While your hair is still damp, start braiding it.
2.) The braid will depend on how thin or thick your hair is. Two braids for thick hair. Single braid for thin hair.
3.) Let the hair dry naturally. You may do some errands, watch tv, read a book or head to the school or office.
4.) Once the hair is completely dry, remove the tie and slowly loosen the hair strands.     
5.) Finished! :)

Watch the tutorial here :

This hairstyle is perfect for the Summer. If you are heading to the beach with your family or friends, braid your hair before you leave. I'm sure it'll take 3 hours or so before you get there. Once you get to your destination, you'll have pretty beachy waves! :)

I hope you like this easy hair trick!