Friday, June 14, 2013

My Creative Subscribers on YouTube

I admit that I am not the best nail artist. I honestly cringe when I see my past works and I realize how messy and imperfect they are. I feel like there is still a lot to learn and to improve, especially when it comes to painting. Makes me really thankful that 45,000+ amazing people decided to subscribe to my YouTube channel

I am nowhere near my favorite nail artists such as IHaveaCupcake and Philippine's very own nail blogger, Simply Rins. Their works are so amazing and so perfect, they almost look like stickers! :)

So when people actually tell me I am good and when they create their version of my designs, I feel really happy and flattered! 

Here are some nail arts done by creative people on Youtube, inspired by my designs:

My version 

zhanarxi's version

Posted by dbh on Flickr
(This person didn't tag me. I only found out on Google.)
If you did this, please contact me! :)

josephinelidwin's version

My version

christinecpz's version

Superluanag's version 

My version 

garcia_0496's version 

My version

Sandra's version

Shannah's version

My Version

Lulu's Version

Megan's Version

My Version

Aya's Version

My Version

ShinyTaemint's Version

KpopAsian's Version

My Version

baconater98's Version

My Version of Salt Nail Art

mexieerissaa's version

Nailed It's Version

sophiaarichter's Version

missing_unicorn's Version

My Version

Belle's Version

My Version

sianibee19's Version

My Version

nailsbyconz's Version

My Version of Sugar Nail Art

lilkwazylau's Version

maude_phan's Version

Some people also decided to try crafts!

My Version

Maria Naess's Version

Liliana's Version

* * *

I feel really flattered when you guys try my tutorials. Because that's really the reason why I put up videos, for you to actually try them! :) Some people don't like being copied or imitated, I say it's how you were imitated that defines what your reaction will be.

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive! Believe it or not, even if you are 45,000+ and growing I remember each and everyone of you, especially those who comment and talk to me often!

Thank you for appreciating what I do and expect that I will give you more creative videos and designs in the future!

If you also decide to do one my tutorials, then please tag me on Facebook so that I could feature you next time! Tag me on Instagram using @RealAsianBeauty and #RealAsianBeauty, too!