Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hair Rebond at Heaven's Salon and Spa

I used to have really pretty, commercial-worthy hair as a kid. But then, my aunt had so much fun styling my hair when I was young... She'd perm my hair, then straighten it, then perm it, then cut it, then straighten it... so my hair was totally damaged and didn't grow back to how it used to be. It just became plain dead and ugly.

That's why, one of the things I can never live without is Hair Rebond/ Hair Straightening. Good thing, it's really affordable here in the Philippines. That's why I'm always wondering what will happen to my hair when I move to a country where hair rebond is expensive. 

The last treatment I had was back in December 2013. After 8 months, I knew it was time for me to go to the salon. Why? Take a look!

Many of my friends have been telling me about this particular hair salon in Shaw Boulevard in Manila. They told me it's really famous so the easily-persuadable me immediately decided to go to the salon.

Heaven's Salon and Spa in Mandaluyong

To be honest, the salon shocked the freak out of me. I'm used to going to salons for hair treatments. I know how many women flock in salons like it's their haven. I also know that I have to go to salon really early if I want to get hair rebond. I was expecting around 8, 10 at most, people to be at the salon. But when my friend and I got there, there were already about 50 people; EVERYONE was there for hair rebond! It must be good then, I thought. 

Oh by the way, I went to the salon because I saw my friend's hair after she had her treatment here, her hair went from being totally dry and frizzy to soft and smooth. :)

So we got there past 10:00 am.

The attendant immediately asked us to choose which "package" we wanted. I wanted to re-color my hair so I chose package 3.

Heaven's is a 3-story building that has specific areas for "washing", "combing", "cutting", "ironing" and "hair treatment application". That's what I liked most about the salon. I dislike salons that look like circus because of all the chaos. Best part? Their "blow dry" section is solely on the 2nd floor! Yay! No irritating sound of hair blower! Plus point. The pantry is on the 3rd floor. I'll tell you more about that later.

So we were asked to "go out" of the building as their washing area is located in another area outside the main area.
From then on, we realized this entire rebonding thing was not a joke. Look at the line, and this is just for the preliminary hair washing!

I think we waited for about 45 minutes to 1 hour just for our hair to be washed. :/

Then the rest were the usual.. Hair drying... combing... 
Waiting for hair to be blow dried
and then the ironing!

This salon is like the version of Coffee Prince where there are more men (yes, they claimed to me that they are straight, married men!) than women employees. Oh, there weren't too many gay employees as well. The entire day I was there, I only saw 2 gays, and they were not even the usual noisy ones. :)

If you feel uncomfortable about men combing, ironing and fixing your hair, then this salon may not be for you.

And some more waiting in line and hoping to be served...

My friend and I were starting to get hungry at around 12 noon when finally the staff announced lunch was ready on the 3rd floor! Yep, you heard right, FREE LUNCH. And not just any free, All-you-can-eat lunch! I think that's the best part. In other salons, you need to bring food and water, but here, they serve you food... delicious food!

Menu : Rice, Bopis, Adobong Atay, Tokwa't Tawsi, Kare-Kare, Ginataang Kalabasa at Sitaw, and Tinola.

My plate! I dress as a lady, eat like a man. lol

Then we went back to ground floor for so much more waiting, and hair treatment and waiting again... 

My last photo with LONG HAIR! (ahuhu!) If I had known that was the last day, I would have taken lots of photos first!

Getting my hair done at Heaven's gave me so much nostalgic feeling of the Dream Kpop Fantastic Concert I went to this January 2013. Having to wait for too long doesn't really grind my gears... but I just wish it could be lessen.

Now I present to you MY HAIR before and after the hair rebond.

Never be fooled! Your hair's revolution is NOT complete until after you wash it in 3-4 days! That's when you will really see if your hair got any better or just became worse.

Here's my hair after washing it...

I was really disappointed! I've had better hair treatments than this! And this salon was even hyped! They said they were featured on Jessica Soho and Rated K because of their superb service. Where is that service? Customers waiting for 10 hours just to go home with frizzy and unflattering hair? :/

And what's worse, the hair that I've been trying to grow for the longest time was cut! more than 6 inches of it! Gah! Can't I just have long hair?! 
This photo was taken BEFORE the hair rebond treatment. 

That was supposed to be the longest hair in my entire life and the staff just chopped it off. Don't you hate it when you tell a hairdresser to "trim" your hair, and when you touch it, you just want to scream "Where is my hair?!!!". Yeah, that feeling. :( 

So, yeah. I don't really know how to end this post while I'm still feeling sad about my dry and short hair. This post was supposed to be a positive review. I went to the salon with a camera because I thought I could give them a free review. But because of what happened to my precious locks, I guess it's going the other way.


  • Free food (They serve food at 12 noon and at 6pm only)
  • CHEAP Price
  • Place is accessible
  • Salon is big and has different areas, kudos for the isolated blow drying area
  • Open until midnight (9 am to 12 midnight)


  • Too many people
  • Too much waiting time than the actual hair treatment
  • Customer service (friendliness, warmth employees) isn't very good
  • HAIRCUT (Bad hair cut styling)
  • Personal : My hair became frizzy and dry

TIP : No matter how much the stylist persuades you that you should cut your hair AFTER the hair rebond, NEVER ever listen. I've had the same experience before and I don't even know why I still cut my hair. But never ever do it. You will just be disappointed. If you really must, have your hair cut prior to the treatment. Cutting hair after rebond will only make the tips frizzy and downright ugly. 

So yeah, I guess that's my review on Heaven's Salon. I know some people were satisfied with their hair but I guess I should call my self the unlucky customer for having negative results with their infamous hair rebond. :(