Wednesday, November 27, 2013

$10 / 500 Pesos Outfit Challenge

Every time I read some of my favorite fashion blogs, I always see expensive brands and items here and there...nothing really wrong because they can afford it! But how about for the people, like me, who'd rather spend money on other things than expensive clothing items? 

Here's my solution!

So, here's the challenge! Dress up yourself from head to toe with only Php 500 in your budget! Seems tough?

Not for a thrift-junkie like me! Yes, I was able to find items (that would actually match and look pretty decent) with only Php500! (Oh, Php 500 is equivalent to $10!)

Please watch the video :

If you're not fond of thrift shops aka Ukay-Ukay, then I'm sure you'd be able to find a good top and bottom at the mall. Though, I doubt you'd be able to buy shoes and a bag anymore.

Here are some photos!

Thanks to my friend, April, for the photos! I always pray that you guys won't get tired of visiting this blog... But to be honest, I also always pray that my friends never get tired of helping me out in filming and shooting photos! :)

What do you think? Hit or miss? Try the challenge, too! Let's see if you'd also be able to buy items with only Php500! It's fun AND it will also encourage you to save some bucks and not to spend too much on clothes, agree?