Friday, November 15, 2013

Lace and Leather

Looking at my outfit posts, I can't help but notice how grainy my photos are. I wonder if it's because of my camera or the settings or the lens... That's why pretty soon I'm going to buy a 50mm. I know right? I should have gotten that a looong time ago! I just kept on procrastinating. But I will soon, especially now my len's auto focus is broken. :)

For these photos, I used my Canon Powershot SX 240 HS. I have a love-hate relationship with this camera. It's perfect for concerts but I don't understand why the photos are so grainy and the colors are  extremely vibrant (almost fake) outside a dome. Anyway, here are the photos!

This is what I wore to the MARS TV guesting that I went to yesterday. Yay! My first TV appearance ever! Thanks to TeamAsia, Google and GMA! It's just a quick appearance ,though! Will blog about it soon when it airs!

Back in the day, I didn't think it was possible to wear lace and leather together. I mean lace is just too soft and feminine while leather depicts masculinity and toughness. But you know what they say now, fashion has no rules and limit. As long as you can carry it and feel comfortable with it, then go ahead and wear it!

Forever 21 Lace Top and Leatherette Round Skirt

Celine Wedge

I'm excited to show you guys a clip of my short appearance on MARS TV. 

I'm excited as well to upload less grainy and sharper photos when I finally get a 50mm lens!

What do you think of this outfit?