Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cut Outs

I finally got myself a 50mm prime lens as a Christmas gift! I don't know if the photos are of any difference than the previous outfit photos I have posted here, but at least I tried! lol. Here are some of the photos my friend, Karen, took of me before heading to our Christmas party!

When I say some, I really mean very very little! We had difficulty trying to get my camera to focus on me, so most of the photos were blurry. We still need more practice! :)

The top I'm wearing, by the way, is a pretty leopard-print top with nice cut outs at the back and in front. You may be wondering why I'm able to wear a sexy top like this in December... I hope you guys do not forget that I live in the Philippines, where it's sunny all year round!

Top : Forever 21
Liquid Leggings :
Purse : Parissian
 Gold Curb Necklace :
Panther Swarovski Ring : 
Shoes : St. Francis

What do you think of this outfit?