Friday, January 24, 2014

Fashion Finds for the Upcoming Chinese New Year

I may not be Chinese but as an employee at a Korean company, I get so excited knowing that I'd have a few days off work! Chinese New Year ,or Seollal as the Koreans refer to it, is happening at the end of this month! Here's a simple outfit idea and some fashion finds I was able to spot at an online website called Lazada PH!

1 Red Chiffon Blouse (Celine) 
Because RED is the lucky color for the Chinese. You gotta wear something red, right?

2 Leopard Print Skater Skirt (F101 Servana)
Since wearing a red-on-red ensemble could be a bit too much, I was glad when I found this leopard=print skater skirt! I'm a big fan of skater skirts and leopard-prints! I'm even wearing a skater skirt and a leopard top as I'm writing this post. :)

3 Black Wedge Booties (Celine)
These pair of booties are so nice! I think I'l; actually purchase them right after writing this post. The price is just not too steep, so that's a plus point!

4 Black Chain Sling Bag with Rivets (F.O.C. Marilyn) 
A bag that would go well with the shoes. I think wearing something gold on Chinese New Year is also a sign of Good luck as it symbolizes prosperity.. or maybe even gold bars or coins! hehe

5 Tinted Rouge in Red (Holika Holika) 
Since you won't be going all red with the outfit, painting your red lips is the next best thing! I'm also curious about this Holika Holika lip rouge! Summer is fast-approaching and lip tints and stains are perfect on humid days as opposed to wearing something heavy like a lipstick.

6 Red Nail Polish (Orly) 
Of course, RED nails!

7 Liquid Eyeliner Pen (Holika Holika) 
To complete your Oriental look. Here's a nice liquid eyeliner pen for that perfect winged eyeliner!

8 Lucky in Love Gold Necklace (Kasaros)
I got curious when I saw the necklace's name. Lucky in Love.. hmm, I should probably wear it this year. I might get lucky this year, who knows! 

9 Black Leather Watch with Gold Detail (Mondaine) 
I've been wanting a black strap, gold ring watch! I think the combination just looks crisp and timeless. This is a pretty awesome watch! 

10 Gold Bangle Set (Curly Sue) 
To complete your look! Plus, the Chinese people believe in making noise on New Year's eve to scare away bad spirits... And I'm pretty sure you know how annoyingly noisy these steel bangles could get! Haha! They make a noise each time you move your hands! So perfect for the New Year!

And those are my Fashion Finds for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I tried to pick some items that I'd still be able to wear on a normal day. My favorite picks are the booties, purse and the watch!

What are you going to wear on CNY? Check out Lazada PH and you might find some stuff that you like! They offer Cash-on-Delivery basis and Free Shipping nationwide!