Wednesday, January 8, 2014

REVLON beautifies women on ETC's Etcetera

Recently, Revlon did 4 makeup tutorials for the viewers of a tv show on ETC called Etcetera. The segment was entitled Revlon Beauty S. O. S. (Stand Out Style) 

Revlon's make-up expert, Eman De Leon, did 4 make-up demos on Etcetera's host, Patti Grandidge and to some guests/models as well. The segment focused on how to help women fix their beauty dilemmas with the help of make-up!

Here are the 4 beauty dillemas and the make-up solution!

BEAUTY DILLEMA #1 : Chinita Eyes

BEAUTY DILLEMA #2 : Girls with Glasses

BEAUTY DILLEMA #3 : Morena Girls


BEAUTY DILLEMA #4 : How to Transform Day to Night Look

Aside from the awesome transformations, Revlon's make-up artist also did the host's (Patti Grandidge) make-up. Here are some of the looks! 

Thanks to make-up, every beauty problem now has a solution! All these beauty solutions made possible by Revlon!

Which one was your favorite? I personally liked the Make-up for Morena!

How about YOU, what is YOUR beauty dilemma? Leave a comment below and together let's find a solution to it! 

*Photos from Etcetera and ETC.