Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lioele Pop Cherry Tint Review

I'm trying to experiment with Korean Makeup lately. I'm on the hunt to find Korean products that have uber cute packaging (well,that's what they are known for) and at the same time works well. Here is a brand that Jen from FromHeadToToe mentions often. 

Liole's pop Cherry Lip Tint

I've been wanting to try the Benefit BeneTint for the longest time. But the price always stops me. It's just so expensive for me! I'm no makeup artist so my stuff are just for personal consumption. I barely even finish a bottle before it expires so Php1,600 for a small bottle is just way too steep. I got excited when I saw this bottle that looks similar to it on Lazada PH's make-up section!

PRICE : Php 495 ~ $11.50

I got it from THIS SITE. Not sure, though, if we have Lioele boutique here in the PH already.  

I really like the packaging! Pink and Hearts? So girly!

This lip tint is so similar to BeneTint as it also comes in a round bottle with brush applicator.

The tint is in liquid form. It is light in formula and does not have any weird smell or taste and does not feel stingy at all.

Here's how it looks on my lips :

  • Inexpensive
  • Looks natural on lips
  • Color is buildable, perfect for gradient lips
  • The product gets absorbed by lips thus giving a very natural looking tint
  • No weird smell or taste, doesn't feel stingy

  • The brush tickles me like crazy! Feels like million ants biting my lips! I can't even glide it as it tickles me to no end! How about a sponge tip applicator, Lioele?
  • Doesn't last too long

The only thing that I don't like about this product is the brush applicator. The bristles are too rough thus really tickle the lips like crazy! Or is it just me? haha. I can't even apply the product properly as I always end up getting tickled by the brush! But aside from that, I think the product is good. Though I won't use it for special occasions because it doesn't last too long. I see myself using this all Summer long as it is lightweight and looks really natural.