Saturday, March 29, 2014

18 Again

Sometimes I wish I could be 18 again. I remember, 10 years ago today, I wrote an entry on my diary about my goals and plans for the future. I wrote about the things I was thankful for for the past 18 years and also wrote about the things I wish to happen in the next years of my life. 

I can't believe that day happened exactly a decade ago! How fast time flies! When I was 18, I wasn't very smart yet. In fact, I was childish. But looking back, those childish and little acts were actually the things that made my youth years more fun. When you look back to your youth years, what do you see and what memories do you remember?

Since age is really just a number (because I totally do not feel 28) I wanted to recreate my 18-year-old look. You know, those years when one is really excited to go to school just because of a favorite subject, a favorite teacher, a favorite food at the cafeteria or because of a crush! 

I remember when I was in high-school, I had the biggest crush on this campus-crush guy. (If you've seen my Draw My Life video then you'd know I was not really pretty nor popular in high-school) So my crush did ignore me and his friends made fun of me everytime. (What a bunch of bullies. Show me your selves now. lolll) Anyway, I remember that even though they made fun of me, I was still very excited to go to school. Modesty aside, but back then, I rarely get late and almost never miss a day at school. You could say I looked like the next photos...

When I was 18, I thought people in their early/mid/late 20s are old people. But now that I'm 28, I want to hit myself for ever thinking that way then. lol. Aging is like having scars, they are reminders of your experiences and battles in life. The more scars you have means the more battles you've fought and overcome. The older you get, the more wise and mature you become.

86 Letterman Jacket :
Leatherette Skirt : Forever 21
Personalized "Kristine" Necklace : Silverworks
Watch : Timex
Bag : SM Parisian
Blue Sneakers : Human

Some people do want to go back to their youth years while some may not. To them, 18 is probably one of the most clumsy years of their lives. But when you think about it, the things that happened to you then and the lessons that you have learned are what made you who you are now.

I hope it doesn't happen too fast but I am eager to write another diary entry when I'm 38 and look back to the things that happened to me 10 years ago. For now, happy 28th to me!