Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cafe de Seoul

So, I told you about a really nice Korean-inspired coffee shop in this outfit post. Now, let me show you the entire place. This was also the kick-off of my month-long birthday celebration. Haha. (I'm hyping myself too much. Reminds me of those pop stars that celebrate their birthdays on music shows for 1 month!) 

Anyway, here's Cafe De Seoul!

Location : Unit 12, 2/F One Archers Place Building, Castro, Manila (Here's a MAP)

The cafe is not easy to find unless you are familiar with the area. Luckily, my friend is an alumni of DLSU so we were able to locate the cafe easily. But if you won't be going to the the cafe with someone who knows the place, just remember to get off at Vito Cruz station LRT line 2. Then walk the street  on the side of DLSU then try to find One Archers Place building! :)

The cafe is pretty huge and has a very unique floor area. It takes the shape of an I (it doesn't show here but I mean a big letter I) and almost every corner of the building has glass from ceiling to floor so the cafe is really well-lit! 

We went there on a Saturday afternoon so I was expecting a lot of people. But to my surprise, there were only a couple of students inside, which I liked! I dislike crowded and noisy places, especially if it's a cafe shop. Cafe's are supposed to be cozy and relaxing, so I was glad that Cafe de Seoul is exactly like that!

I also like going to Korean-inspired places that Koreans actually frequent. If they go there, then it must be as good as what they have in Korea, right? There are actually 8 Koreans in this photo! 

This day was supposed to be my birthday celebration with fellow 'K-pop fans' friends. But Sheirmane couldn't make it so Karen and I went on a date! hehe

And what do you know, they also serve Korean food! 

Osam Bulgogi - Php 250

And THE reason we came here : PAT to the BING to the SU! haha. My friend Karen said Pitbangsu which I thought was so funny!

Strawberry Bingsu - Php 210

Philippines does have Halo-Halo and it's funny how some Koreans love our Halo-Halo and here I am, loving their patbingsu! 

Awesome stuff inside Cafe De Seoul!

Galaxy Tabs! Some of their tables are equipped with Samsung Galaxy Tabs that you could use freely. (Though I think they should wipe their tabs every now and then! haha. Finger prints everywhere...)

Have you heard of the famous Korean lock tower in Namsan Park? They have that, too! Though, it's just a tower that you could put locks on. But it's still a 'lock tower'! hehe Heart-locks are available in the cafe for Php95 each. I don't think you could bring your own, though.

I've seen this concept a lot and I really, really like it. Like, how cool is it that you could actually write stuff on a paper, post it on the wall and noone will ever take it down, not even the manager? Seoul has a lot of those restaurants and cafes... And I was so happy to see that they have it, too! Though, I was 바보 to not bring any colorful post-its and pens. 

AND, the photo wall! Going around places like these makes me realize how big EXO is. Most of the pictures are EXO members. And, not even 1 of my Infinite. lol. I really forgot to print pictures. I forgot to bring post-its and also forgot to bring some cute photos.

It was a perfect timing because DLSU was up against Ateneo on the UAAP women's volleyball. So around 4 PM, we left the cafe and headed to DLSU! haha. I've been wanting to go inside their campus just out of curiosity. I mean, what could be there inside your campus, really? Let me see it!

My friend, Karen, was teasing me because she said I looked so much like a tourist taking pictures with a V sign. Oh also, saw some students laying on the benches so I tried it, too. That was something I didn't dare do in FEU just because I felt it was embarrassing. haha. But this is not my school, so okay, I did it!

After the game, we headed back to Cafe De Seoul to grab some coffee. I heard their drinks are good so we wanted to try some.

Even at night, the cafe is still very well-lighted. It's really a perfect place for photo-shoots, be it day or night! haha (Rather than hanging out, I think about photo-shoots! Am I weird or not?)

Ddalgi Sonagi (Strawberry Rain drink) - Php 165
Caramel Blended drink - Php 155

I found a really nice Ceci magazine so I sat down to read it. The magazine was so thick and heavy, it looks like 4 Philippine magazines rolled in one.

Because the place was so nice, we didn't want to leave but we had to since it was getting really late. You know you are in a good place when you never want to leave though you still need to travel hours just to get home. Cafe De Seoul, could you please move to Cubao or Ortigas? ^^

Since I didn't have any nice photos with me that day, I decided to leave a 2x2 ID photo that was inside my wallet. And to annoy some EXO fans, I covered Chanyeol's face with it. hehe
Next time, I'm bringing Infinite, Kim Sunggyu and Kim Jongdae photos. Photos of me and my friends, too. Or better yet, should I just leave a photo album?! lol

Cafe De Seoul is really nice! I can't wait to go back!