Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to Style Leggings

I noticed that girls, especially here in the Philippines, like to wear leggings a lot! And no one can blame them. Leggings are very comfortable to wear! They cover the legs, especially if you are not confident enough to show them. But have you ever noticed that some girls looks really sexy in leggings while others just make you cringe? 

It must be how they styled them! So today, I'm giving you some tips and do's and don'ts when wearing leggings!

I also made a short video-lookbook showing how I styled 3 different leggings. Please watch here :

1.) Choose the right material.
Leggings were designed to hug your body. Thus, they will definitely show all those curves and bumps. 
Choosing the right material will definitely make your look more presentable. Avoid excessively thin material like those really thin cotton ones. Thin cotton leggings look unflattering because they will make you legs, thigh and hips look saggy. Instead, choose thicker ones. In this photo, I'm wearing this leatherette leggings. The material is thick yet elastic, thus it made my legs look firmer and slimmer. Black leggings is also a must because you could pair it with almost any top color, material or print.

Leatherette Leggings from Banggood.com - link here

2.) Wear top that would cover your front and back.
Nothing is more cringe-worthy than to see someone in leggings paired with a really short top. Not only does it look awkward, it also makes you look tacky. I think it's just a very simple rule, girls! If you want to wear leggings, cover those parts! Trust me, my mom doesn't even let me go out of the house when she sees that I wear a top not long enough to cover those areas each time I wear leggings. Save yourself from those unwanted stares, wear something long. :)

Vertical Stripes Leggings from Banggood.com - link here

3. ) Plain on Printed
Printed leggings is the newest trend. Fashion stylists went all-out by printing just about anything on leggings these days. Flowers, Animal prints, Foods, Places and even the Galaxy! But just because they went all-out in designing doesn't mean you could go all-out in wearing as well. I've seen a lot of people wear printed leggings, and it's totally cool! But, remember not to wear too much at the same time, Remember, less is still more. When your leggings are already printed, choose a top that would compliment just one design or color of your leggings. A plain top is always perfect for printed leggings!
Floral Leggings from Banggood.com - link here

Now that you know the basic rules in wearing leggings, you are now ready to go out and shine! Although, at the end of the day, it's always your style, taste and preference that you should always consider when wearing something. Just always remember to smile and be confident. You are beautiful whatever you wear!
Have a nice day!