Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Outfit Of The Days

I consider this year's birthday as one of the most fun and memorable birthdays I've ever had. My celebrations were all simple... But, I celebrated them with the people that matter and that's what's really important. I used to not care about my birthday. And now I understand why some people like making a fuss out of their natal day. It's the only day in a year where you'll get treated extra nice so why not take advantage of it? :)

It may be super late to even post this here but just in case you haven't seen the video yet, I uploaded a quick video showing what I wore to some of my celebration days. 

Here is the video :

If you watch the video, you may think that it's really easy to film those kinds of videos. (It's not!)  Good thing, my friends and family were all ready to help me. Karen, Marby, April and my step-dad, Tito Alex, all helped me film the video. Thank you, guys! :)

Thanks for reading this long-overdue post. I hope you enjoyed it, anyway!

New videos and post coming soon! Good night!