Friday, June 20, 2014


I somehow believe that our lives are like the chains on my pants. We all have our own form and uniqueness. And in this life, we meet other chains, other people. Some of them, we meet just be coincidence, some just slide away while some are meant to be entangled with us. That's to either make life somehow complicated, or to make the bond stronger. 

I clearly remember a quote my friend told me. There is indeed Destiny. There are people you are bound to meet. That no matter how you run or move away, they will still find a way to meet you. While people you are not bound to meet will not meet you even if they're infront of you.

Do you remember the guy I was telling you about? I did not see him for a month. It's funny because we are in the same area everyday... Anyway, I saw him yesterday. And what's funny is that I saw him 3 times the entire day. But each time, he was either facing the other way or there were hoards of people between us. I guess he's a chain I'm not bound to be entangled with, don't you think?

"Chains" leggings :
Top and Shoes : unknown brand



Thanks to Karen for the photos!