Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2 Ways to Fishtail Braid

Hello, my girly girls! I apologize for the lack of posts this month. I just have a few things going on right now. There are lots of products to review, clothes to film for YouTube, deadlines to beat... I haven't even done my laundry and cleaned my room. (hehe. Yup, I do chores, too! Don't you think women that move around the house are impressive? If I were a boy, I'd be impressed with women that work around the house! hehe) I'm not trying to complain but just in case you were wondering... ^^ I can't wait for August to come so I would have MOOORE time for this blog and for my YouTube channel. I am very excited to tell you the news! I want to keep you hanging for a bit more so please stay tuned for that announcement. hehe

Anyway, here is another hair tutorial. Thanks to my friend, Flora, for letting me use her hair for braid tutorials. If you follow me on Instagram, the braids that you see me post there were also done on her hair.

Did you know that there are actually 2 ways to fishtail braid your hair? 

Here is the tutorial :

REGULAR Fishtail Braid 

REVERSED Fishtail Braid

From afar, the two braids look identical, don't they? But if you look close enough, you'll see that there is actually a huge difference. Nonetheless, both technique are very easy to do and look extremely gorgeous!

Thanks for reading! What a gloomy weather we have today, eh? Typhoon Glenda is hitting us tonight so everyone please stay warm, dry and safe!