Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to make an Easy Rainbow Fishtail Loom Band

1 out of 10 people right now is into making loom bands. (But that's just my statistics, so it's actually null and void. lol) What's true, though, is that a lot of kids are into it. I first heard about it when an office mate of mine sent us a message telling us she was selling a loom band set. (She's also a blog reader, so hi Ethel!) What I'm trying to say is that this was actually famous months ago already so me uploading a tutorial is really kind of late.

Here's my version of the rainbow fishtail loom bracelet!

Fun fact! Did you know that loom bracelet making was invented by a Malaysian in 2010? He was in the US at that time studying mechanical engineering when he came up with the brilliant idea of weaving colorful rubbers together! Who would have thought his creation would be such a big deal now? 

I wonder if I could invent something or start a trend that would hit as big as the loom band craze...

Anyway, here is the short tutorial! 

My mom is more into it than I am. I only know how to make this certain style but she knows a lot. Lately she's into making Hello Kitty and Piggy loom key chains. hehe

There are hundreds of possible styles and my mom is forcing me to make more loom tutorials when she found out that my loom video is getting more hits than my normal videos. hehe. I'm not sure, though. Would you guys not mind if I make more loom tutorials? 

Let us know what you think!