Thursday, November 27, 2014

Updated Contact Lens for Dark Eyes ++ Giveaway!

Hello! I just wanted to show you the lenses that I am currently using. I love contact lenses because they give my eyes a pop of color. My natural eye color is dark brown so every once in a while, I try to look a bit different (look better, of course!) by putting on a nice pair of colored contact lens!

My favorite shop to get colored contact lenses is! I have tried many kinds of lenses from that shop and it's nice to know that there's still a lot more to try in the future! They have a lot of nice designs, from prescription lenses to just cosmetic/fashion ones.

What's more? was kind enough to sponsor us with an international contact lens giveaway! Please watch the video to find out the details about it.

Here are the contact lenses I am currently using :





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Giveaway Mechanics :

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*The winner will win 5 pairs of contact lenses from
*This is open until December 2, 2014
*Please leave a comment on the video ONCE only. :)

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Thanks for reading today! Good luck if you are entering the giveaway!

Visit for more contact lenses!