Friday, December 19, 2014

Vlogmas 3 : BDJ "A Time to Give Back" Outreach Program for Underprivileged Children

Belle De Jour organized an outreach program for some children in Paranaque City, here in the Philippines. This is one way of giving back all the blessings, not only BDJ has received this year, but also all of their Bella's blessings from above. I was lucky enough to be included in this giving-back event. Here's what happened!

I live in Quezon City but the program was at Paranaque-hours and hours of drive away from my home. So, I woke up early to make it on time. BDJ was kind enough to organize a meet-up place and provide a service van that took us to the venue. 

The beneficiaries of the event were some out-of-school/underprivileged children. We were given a "angel"each to guide for that day. 

Since it was on a weekend, I asked my friend Flo to come with me. Flo is FLora (lol), one of my friends that takes my photos for OOTD. ^^

Instead of just one angel, I was assigned with 2. JC, the cute boy, couldn't find his "ate" (big sister) so I just adopted him. hehe

This will probably be a long post so if you dislike reading, simply watch the video here to see what happened:

We had so many fun activities to bring up the mood of the children. We did some Christmas Origami!

I was assigned to teach the kids how to make lucky stars! It was easy for me since I've been doing this since high-school already. hehe But some of them found it difficult to make one. Oh, I also did a YouTube tutorial on that last year. Click HERE to watch the video!

The kids made 4 ornaments/origamis each. Here are the works of my babies!

Here's Flora's angel that day, Ashanti! We kept on asking her if her parents got her name from Ashanti the American singer. lol. But she doesn't know either.

We also played some games and gave the kids some prizes. I feel bad that they only picked 4 pairs because my 2 babies really wanted to participate but we couldn't because there were no more slots.

Before serving them some snacks, the kids gave us a really nice and touching performance! They sang in Filipino and I recognize the songs as some songs currently playing on Channel 2.

Some Brownies!

After that, the kids were asked to pick one ornament that they wanted to hang on the Christmas tree. The others that they made were allowed to be taken home so they could give to their parents and family.

Here are all of the children that joined us that day! I love the smile on their faces. It's also cute how everyone is looking somewhere else except for my baby JC that is looking straight at my camera. He's such a sweet, smart and polite boy! I wish he grows up as a fine man.

And here's my crew. ^^ A photo with Flo, our babies, and Ms. Leah of BDJ! (Thank you for inviting me!!)

I miss sitting on colorful chairs like these. It's amazing how I used to think they were so huge and heavy when I was a kid. Now, I only see them as furniture for a doll house. hehe

I also love the wall art they have on the stairs. One student said the walls were painted by the child of one of the teachers of that school.

Ending this post with a photo of the Bella's and the BDJ Team that made the event successful and fun!

It was such a nice experience! I often see celebrities do charity works and now I understand why they do it. It's not about showing off or having what you did publicized. It's about being sincerely there for the kids and wanting to give back. A simple game or fun activity brings a smile to the children and it's really overwhelming to experience it first-hand. I'm glad that I joined BDJ in this event! What a nice way to end my 2014.

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