Friday, April 1, 2016

Nature Republic Store Launching at SM Mall of Asia

I don't always go to blogger events. So when you see me post about one, it's either the event seemed so interesting to me or because I love the brand so much that's why I went.

It's the second reason with this event. Nature Republic is one of my favorite Korean brands. Not because EXO is the endorser of it, okay? Hehe! I just love their nature theme and I love their products!

Anyway, Nature Republic recently opened their branch at the SM Mall of Asia. I was one of the lucky people present at the event.

Nature Republic's branch at the Mall of Asia can be found at the Entertainment Mall, 2nd floor, near the Premier Cinema.

Don't you just love how their store screams "NATURE"?! It's mostly green you see everywhere!

I love informal blogger events! The kind of event where I can just be myself. I especially like it more when there's not a lot of people around. I don't know, guys. I guess I'm just really too reserved for big blogger events.(And now, you're wondering why I am even a blogger! I'm too shy and reserved! Hehe)

Anyway, the agenda for the day was simply to SHOP! How cool is this event?Hehe I was given a certain amount of gift certificate to choose whatever Nature Republic products my heart desires!

Guys, who else is in love with Korean face masks??

Have you guys tried any Korean brand nail polish?You must try it! Most are good quality and super pigmented! I am in love with Nature Republic nail polishes in particular! They have a lot of colors to choose from! And the best part, each bottle only costs Php95 each!(About USD2 each.)

Though I have to warn you that Korean polishes usually take too long to dry on the nails and get thick and tacky in the bottle easily!

OMG! I fell in love with this corner of the store. While the other bloggers were looking at the beauty products, I was at this corner, spazzing over the cute boxes! What are these boxes you ask?

Oh, nothing! Just super cute EXO hand creams and lip balms that would make any EXO FAN seriously crazy! I know for sure because I am not really a hardcore EXO fan but I fell in love with these cute boxes! Nature Republic gets an A for Creativity!

Though, the drawing on the box don't look like them 100%...

The Lip Balm costs Php365 while the Hand Cream costs Php395. The hand cream comes with 2 tubes and a signed photo card!

If you know me, you know which EXO member I picked and bought!

With my fellow blogger, Kaycee... or Kat! Hehe

Tris, Bing and Joyce were also there! Notice how 3 of us were all wearing long and flowy skirts! How cute?!

After shopping, I was about to leave the store when Ricamille of Nature Republic handed me this huge tote bag. When I looked inside, it's filled with Nature Republic goodies!!

And because I am such a tease, I won't show you what products I got from Nature Republic just yet. Instead, I will show them to you in another Haul Video! Yay!

Our new YouTube video schedule is every Wednesday and Saturday at 3:00 PM sharp, that is GMT +08:00! It's Saturday tomorrow so that only means our new video will be up. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and good night, my loves!