Friday, June 17, 2016

Divisoria Haul | Divi Series Part 1

Divisoria is a famous shopping district here in the Philippines. It's the place to go if you want to buy inexpensive yet on-trend items!

I grew up in a humble home where going to Divisoria is just a normal thing. But as I go around YouTube, I noticed a lot of people, especially Filipinos, get more and more interested in watching Divisoria-themed videos. Hence, my so called DIVI SERIES. This is my first-time ever to do a YouTube series on my channel and I am just so happy and excited! In this series, I will be featuring stuff that could be bought in Divisoria. Things that you wouldn't know were actually from Divisoria if I didn't tell you.

Part 1 of the Divi Series is a usual Haul Video that you guys love. I went to Divisoria with my cousins and when I got home, I decided to film a haul video. The things that I got were all so cute, and cheap, of course!

I used to be so conscious of look whenever I would film a video for you guys. But since I wanted the haul to be authentic, I went ahead and filmed the video even though I had just gotten home. The response of the viewers was overwhelming, really! Many of them said I looked good in the video and praised me for looking natural. OMG! 5 years on YouTube and I have always stressed myself putting thick makeup before filming a video but never did I imagine that people would still appreciate my simple, almost bare, haggard look. Hehe

Watch the video below to see everything that I got from Divisoria. 

Seen the video? What's your favorite item? Mine would be the emoji plushies, camera-ish phone case and the bubble gun!

Let me know if you guys like shopping at Divisoria, too! I LOVE shopping there and I'm not even faking it. I just love how my Php 1,000 could go a long way while I would only be able to buy 1 or 2 items if I were to spend it at the mall.

Thank you for reading tonight, my loves!