Thursday, June 30, 2016

FAKE Divisoria Makeup Review (FAKE vs. ORIGINAL)

As a Beauty Blogger and YouTube Beauty Guru, I am exposed to a lot of makeup brands : high-end to drugstore. It's also safe to say that I can quickly distinguish original from fake as I have already tried a lot of products. But, some people surely won't be able to tell a rip-off item from an original as copycats of fake products work so hard to duplicate the original.

That is why, I decided to courageously review some FAKE makeup products I got from Divisoria!  

For my readers that are not from the Philippines, Divisoria is a popular shopping district here in Manila. It's a place where shoppers could bargain clothes, shoes, bags, home and office supplies, gift items, home and party decorations and sad but true, MAKEUP!

I decided to purchase and review these FAKE makeup on my YouTube channel because whenever I go to Divisoria, I see fake makeup like MAC, Benefit and even Urban Decay palettes that come in Naked 4, Naked 6 until Naked 9!! I just find it hilarious how they are so advanced, even more advanced than the original brand. I also decided to review these for people that are curious, people that want to buy or people that have purchased fake makeup- intentionally or not.

DISCLAIMER : I AM NOT promoting, endorsing nor encouraging my viewers and readers to go and buy fake makeup. Please know that these counterfeit products (may) contain toxic contents such as lead, mercury and even cat or dog poop or human urine! EEW!

OMG, now that I'm writing about the contents these makeup may contain, I actually want to throw up and feel quite worried about that day I filmed the makeup tutorial! Hehe

Modesty aside, I honestly think I did a good job on the makeup! Wow, who ever thought one could still come up with a nice look despite the fact that FAKE cosmetics were used. I just find it sad that no matter how good my makeup look is, I still won't look as pretty as other Makeup YouTubers because I have ugly skin underneath. For those that don't know me, I used to have BAD ACNE. (Read my ACNE posts HERE.)

Watch my Makeup Transformation using ALL-FAKE DIVISORIA MAKEUP:

If you noticed how marvelously edited the video is then allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I spent almost an entire week preparing, filming, editing and uploading this one video. Huhuhu I'm not complaining, though! The hardest part of editing a video is the part where you start to import all the video clips. Then, you find out you have filmed more than an hour of total video when you only need 5 minutes. Then, you'd have to split and cut the videos to come up with the final 5 minute video. That is the most excruciating part! But all my effort becomes worth it when I finally upload the video and start to read the comments of the viewers! Ahhhhh. :)

Anyway, here are the FAKE makeup compared with it's ORIGINAL counterpart.
(Php 45 = USD 1 / $1)

FAKE MAC Studio Fix Powder - Php 100
(ORIGINAL MAC Studio Fix Powder - Php 2,400)
FAKE : The container looks a bit flat. The color is lighter and the container does not sparkle when moved under light. The font also appears bolder and thicker than the original. As for the product, the scent of the powder somehow made me feel dizzy. It's good that the powder does not cake BUT it darkens a few minutes after being applied on the face.

FAKE Beauty Blender Sponge - Php 150
(ORIGINAL Beauty Blender - Php 995)
FAKE : Both the original and the fake has the same pink color. However, the fake sponge is bigger than the original. It is also much softer and less dense, especially when wet. It is hard to use and does not make blending easy, unlike the original sponge.

FAKE Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 - Php 200
(ORIGINAL Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 - Php 4,500)
FAKE : It is amazing how they were able to replicate the eyeshadow from the box, the container up to the brush. However, there are noticeable differences. The container of the original is a light metal while the container of the fake is a hard plastic. The brush of the original palette comes in flat and round, while the fake brush are both round brushes. 

The most distinct difference is the shade of the eyeshadows, of course!

FAKE Anastasia Liquid Lipstick - Php 80
(ORIGINAL Anastasia Liquid Lipstick  Php 2,000)
FAKE : If you are not familiar with real Anastasia products, you would think the two tubes are original. They are almost 96% identical! But if you look closely, the font of the fake is a bit bolder than the original liquid lipstick. The "Infinity" logo above the cap on the original tube is thinner while the "infinity" logo on the fake is rounder. But if there is something about the fake that is better than the original, the fake liquid lipstick smells better than the original. The fake also dries quicker and stays put while the original one smudges even after a few minutes of applying it.

Here are the prices of the other FAKE products :
"MAC" Liquid Foundation - Php 100
"Anastasia" Paddle Brush - Php 200
"Urban Decay Naked" Liner Set - Php 100
"NYX" Contour Duo - Php 150

If there is one reason buyers are lured into buying fake cosmetics is the high price of the original cosmetics! I know that Php 4,500 eyeshadow and Php 2,000 lip product seem intimidating for most of us. But we must also remember that we only have 1 skin. I get a lot of messages from readers telling me they wanted to try a skin treatment or a specific makeup brand but hesitated because of it's price tag. I always tell them that if we can splurge on expensive shoes and gadgets and some pricey vacation or food, then why do we always feel that we are wasting money on our skin products? We only have 1 skin so we should never feel guilty for spending money on our 1 skin. 

I really do not recommend buying these fake cosmetics. If buying the original would cost a fortune, then I suggest going for drugstore brands or local Filipino brands. You will be amazed and surprised what these inexpensive products can do!

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and enjoyed reading this blog. This is an eye-opener for people that buy FAKE Divisoria stuff. I also do not agree that these rip-off should be referred to as "SG AUTHENTIC". How can something that is fake be called as AUTHENTIC when it is clearly an imitation of an already existing product? 
Fake is fake, no if's and no but's.

* * * 

When I went to bed, my Fake Divisoria Makeup only had 17,000 views... When I woke up, I saw that it already has more than 40,000 views! WOW, I was blown away!

Later, I found out that I was featured on some famous pages and websites because of my FAKE Makeup Review!

Cosmopolitan Philippines feature HERE.

Teen Vogue feature HERE.

Pop Sugar Beauty feature HERE.

I just wanted to clear Pop Sugar Beauty's article where they said I actually preferred one of the fake products over the original. NOT! I guess I was misquoted. But I will never, ever prefer a fake product over an original one. 

I guess Pop Sugar Beauty was talking about the Anastasia Liquid Lipstick where I mentioned that I like how it is pigmented and matte and smells better and does not smudge as compared to the original one.
I also got a lot of questions about the shade of the FAKE Anastasia Liquid Lipstick. I am not promoting or encouraging you guys to buy it, but because I want to answer the question, here you go!

I hope you enjoyed the video. I feel happy that I am coming up with great video content these days! I was anxious the past few months because no matter what video I upload, the views would never get more than 5,000 views. I am more inspired and motivated to work harder and come up with great video content now! 
Thank you so much for clicking each video that I upload!