Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Girl Bonding + Sharing My Hair Secret! ♥

Last time, I shared to you guys my ultimate hair secret to silky, straight hair. My girl friends liked my hair transformation that's why they asked me more about the Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner.

Here are my girlfriends:  Ara and Ren.

As you see in the picture, my friends do have a little hair situation. Frizzy and fly away hair, OMG!

So, I shared with them these boxes of Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner so they, too, can Discover the Change.

After trying the Silky Straight variant of the  Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner, they loved it! They said their hair became silkier, straighter, more mabango* and they also can't stop doing the hair hagod!

Find out what my friends think of #PalmoliveNaturals Cream Conditioner in my latest video below:

(vs. non-conditioning shampoo)