Sunday, October 2, 2016

Launch of YouTube Lounge in the Philippines! (+ Meet and Greet!)

Hi, guys! I have great news for fans of YouTube and Youtube Creators! They have just launched the first-ever YouTube Lounge and it is happening here in the Philippines!

First, what is YouTube Lounge? It is a physical space where YouTube comes alive! Here, you can WATCH, SAVE and MEET!

WATCH - Watch top YT videos in the Philippines with less buffering care of Accelerator technology.
SAVE - Save videos onto your device fast with Accelerator and YouTube offline.
MEET - Meet your favorite YouTube creators during the YouTube Creator Roadshow. 

This is great news, considering the sluggish internet speed that we have here in the Philippines. There are hundreds of thousands of amazing videos on Youtube and we'd love to watch them all! However, the slow internet is preventing us from enjoying the fruit of labor of our favorite YouTube Creators. That is why YouTube did this because they want to give their viewers, especially Filipinos, a better YouTube experience. This is exciting because we are the first country in the world to receive Accelerated YouTube videos. 

YouTube Lounges can be found inside Ayala Malls. As we speak, there are currently 6 YouTube Lounges in the Philippines: UP Town Center, Glorietta, Trinoma, Greenbelt, Market Market and ATC. Eventually, Ayala Malls will be putting up lounges in ALL of their malls nationwide.   

The first YouTube Lounge was held at Greenbelt 5, Gallery area. Let me tell you what happened at the event. First, there was me in a sparkly Little Black Dress.

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Here are some of my fellow YouTube Creators!

The launch was welcomed with some keynotes from Gabby Roxas, Google Philippines' Head of Marketing.

After some talks, it was time for our YouTube Creator Panel. I have never panelled for anything before until I became a YouTube Creator. This is my 4th ever Panel, and 3rd YouTube Panel Session.

Up to this day, I still find it amusing how I get to sit beside and rub elbows with celebrities and famous people now. Just look at that, me comfortably sitting beside Erwann Heussaff.

The amazing press people and some VIP's. Hello, Ma'am Sir! (hehe)

After our quick talk, we then headed to THE area. The lounge was covered with huge red cloth to keep the momentum. But everyone was excited, including me! I have so much love and respect for this passion I am currently calling as my "job". I enjoy my YouTube life so much; I couldn't be more excited for this yet another YouTube Philippines milestone.

TADA!!!! Here you witness the birth of the first-ever YouTube Lounge in the world! A place where YouTube Creators and YouTube Fans could meet, watch videos and just chill and enjoy!

The YouTube Lounge, however, was a bit far from what I have imagined. From the original concept submitted to us, I have imagined glass walls and ceilings to keep the area closed and intimate. However, the one I have witnessed in Greenbelt 5 is open to anyone, literally. I am sure YouTube and Google know better than I do but I would have appreciated glass walls more, just to block off the noise from the mall and make the experience of YouTube viewers much more intimate and alive!

I am not sure if this will be the final setup for all of the YouTube Lounges, though. In my opinion, since it is YouTube we are talking about, I would have appreciated a "DIRECTORY" or a screen where viewers could explore and get to know other YouTube Creators, aside from the ones they already watch and are already subscribed to. 

But, there is a big screen, which is nice. They play different videos of local YouTube Creators. I have chanced upon one my my videos, the How To Color Your Hair Using Crepe Paper. (Want to watch the actual YouTube Tutorial? Please CLICK HERE.)

Beauty Vloggers!!!

Erwann Heusaff. 

Side story. If you are not from the Philippines, let me tell you a little something about this guy. Erwann is a model, chef and celebrity here in the Philippines. He is brother to celebrity Solenn Heusaff and boyfriend to celebrity Anne Curtis. He belongs in the "IT" group and is considered one of the hottest males to date. A friend of mine asked me how it felt to sit beside Erwann. I felt really flattered and grateful, I mean, that is Erwann. And you don't always get to sit beside Erwann. But I was not "kilig", if that's what my friend wanted me to blurt. Hehehe To be honest, the only 2 male that could make me go crazy while sitting beside them, aside from my ever-loving BF, are Ryan Higa and Kim Sunggyu!!! Hahaha

Also rubbing elbows with Globe Executive now, I can't believe the things happening in my life because of YouTube. 

After all the picture taking, it was finally time to chill and relax at the lounge. This is probably how you'd look like when you visit one of our YouTube Lounges inside your favorite Ayala Mall!

Chill-chill kapag may time. YouTube-YouTube kapag may time.

How does the YouTube Accelerator work, you ask?
1.) Connect to Globe GoWifi in Ayala Malls.
2.) Open your updated YouTube App.
3.) Find YT videos with the TEAL badge.
4.) Watch top videos in the Philippines with LESS buffering. 


We are also going on a 3-MONTH long series of Meet and Greet featuring Philippine's Top YouTube Creators. The Meet and Greet will be set in the YouTube Lounges scattered around Metro Manila! However, you will not get to see everyone at the same time. We will have different schedules. At least 3 YouTube Creators will be present at a YouTube Lounge per schedule.

FINALLY!!! MEET AND GREET with me! You guys have been telling me you want to see me, you want to meet me and you want to take pictures with me. The time has come for our Meet and Greet! 


It's going to be on October 15, 2016 at Glorietta! It's a Saturday so I am hoping you guys could come! It's just a chill Meet and Greet! Let's Vlog together, take selfies, hugs and kisses and of course, you get to witness the YouTube Lounge in Glorietta! I really, really hope you guys could make it there! I also want to meet you! For updates regarding this MandG, please follow me on Instagram @RealAsianBeauty. (I'm afraid no one would want to meet me. So, I hope my 3 loyal blog readers could come! Hehe) See you there!!!