Tuesday, October 4, 2016

MOR 101.9 Awards + MUA for a day!

Isn't it ironic that I love makeup but I admit that I am not yet good at it? I mean, makeup keeps on evolving and I get welcomed by a new trend while I'm still in the process of learning something that came out a few months back. Thankfully, there are people that trust me and see potential in me. 

A while back, I was invited to be a MUA or Makeup Artist for a day at the MOR (My Only Radio) 101.9 Awards Night. Before this, I was also invited to be a Makeup Artist for GMA 7's Blogger Style Camp. I am amazed how these people have so much trust in me when sometimes, I doubt my own skills. 

Anyway, let's talk about what happened at the MOR awards night... and how Daniel Padilla made me weep!

The awards night was held at the Kia Theater in Cubao, Araneta Center last August 2016. I went with my supportive BF and loads of self-doubt and nervousness! (hehe) 
Can I really apply makeup? Am I really good? Questions I kept asking my BF.


But as they say, one just has to believe in his/herself and anything is possible! 

Here's all the makeup I brought to the event.

My BF bought me this pretty pink makeup train case as a gift so I could use it on this day. Isn't he really sweet, thoughtful and supportive?  
I think I haven't told you guys yet that on my Mother's birthday, he initiatively bought her bouquet of beautiful flowers, birthday cake and sweet chocolate bar, I haven't, right? Like what I told my friend, I see so much good in him. But, let's talk more about him in another post.


By the way, if you guys want to know what camera I use for my vlogs, it's my favorite Casio Exilim TR60. For proper tutorials and videos shot in my room, I use my old Canon 650 DSLR. But for outdoor videos, travel and event vlogs and cute selfies for Instagram, I use this pretty purple camera called Casio TR60. It used to be unavailable here in the Philippines! But it is here now and it is available at all Camerahaus branches!

Here is the vlog video! I hope you guys enjoy!

Okay, so at first I thought I was going to do makeup on celebrities. That's why I was so worried. I ended up doing makeup on MOR's jolly Disc Jocks! The nervousness in me was toned down because the DJs were friendly and nice. 

My first doll-up client was DJ Maki. 
To be honest, the reason why I was so anxious was because I know it takes me forever to finish doing makeup. I usually take 2 hours before I finish hair and makeup. That is tried, tested and proven! haha Be it on me or on someone else's face. I remember I also did my BF's sister's makeup for her debut party and it also took us 2 hours to finish! I'm crazy!

At first, DJ Maki was excited for her makeover. I was determined to finish her makeup in less than my usual "makeup time". But after an hour, she became distressed... At one point, I saw her made face because she was getting exasperated. My BF saw the face, too... But, I couldn't be shaken. I felt apologetic and shy at the same time that it's already taking us too long. I couldn't tell her that's my usual makeup time. Hehe

After a few moment, I was able to finish her hair and makeup! Horaaaaaay! 

This is her final look. What do you guys think? Would you also sit in my chair so I could do your hair and makeup for hours and hours?? Hehehe 
On that note, I saw her Instagram post and she mentioned jokingly that it took her 2 hours to get this look. I was a bit disgruntled but I couldn't complain because she speaks of the truth. Hehehehe ^_^

I have to improve on that part, I know. Gotta be able to finish a celebrity's makeup in 15 minutes next time...

My next client was DJ ChinaPaps. He was warm and friendly and conversed with me while I did his simple foundation, contour and powder look. 

DJ Chacha was there but I didn't do her makeup.  I just asked to take a photo with her and asked her few questions about her recent joining at Pinoy Big Brother. 

I also met DJ Bea! Such a lovely and beautiful lady! She told me she watches my YouTube videos. I really couldn't believe someone like her would watch my videos. I mean, who am I? I was so flattered! You guys can also check out her YouTube channel. From what I know, she does makeup tutorials and maybe a few vlog videos. Go and subscribe!

Here you see me with Hoya of Infinite! Hehehe Don't you find it funny how people of the same ethnicity look alike for people with different ethnicity. But for them, they totally do not look alike! Just like how Westerners think Asians look alike, I think most Westerners look alike... And some Koreans look alike, too. 

Okay, now let's get to the Daniel Padilla story. Daniel Padilla is my favorite male out of all the couples and love teams on ABS-CBN. I have been wanting to see him in person and maybe take a photo with him so I could brag-post it on my Facebook and Instagram. (hehe) I heard from my friend that Daniel Padilla was coming to the event but he was going to be at the latter part of the show. My friend gave me a tip to go to the side of the stage and wait for him because he was about to come. But I have been holding on my pee since lunch time. I figured I could make it back before he arrives. So, off I went to the bathroom and told my BF to stay put so he could capture the moment when Daniell arrives. But, damn pee. It took me so long to get to the restroom plus some happenings backstage. But I was positive I would see Daniel. When I went out of the comfort room, my BF was looking for me. He said "Where have you been? I have been looking for you. Daniel just left. Here, I took a photo for you."

Damn, Daniel. Why are you so hard to catch? In Tagalog, bakit ka mailap? Hehe!

Though I didn't get to see Daniel and his handsome face, I was still happy and satisfied because there's a man beside me, ever so loving and supportive, willing to carry my pink makeup train case just to be with me. 

I wish everyone a happy and blessed day! Thank you so much for reading! Please stay tuned for more blog posts and don't forget to follow @RealAsianBeauty on Facebook and Instagram!