Friday, May 19, 2017

Mother's Day Event at Ever Mall!

Hey, Fluffies and Mommies! What did you do for Mother's Day? Me? Aside from celebrating it with my Mom and eating her favorite dish to cook at the moment (pansit), I went to Ever Gotesco in Commonwealth to celebrate Mother's Day by making other Mom's happy!

MADE ONLY FOR MOM, a Mother's Day event organized by Ever Gotesco Malls and Alpha Corporate Events. I was there as an event guest. I will tell you more about the event. 

This post was supposed to be a fun "Vlog" video but my video files got corrupted in my memory card again! Noooo and Whyyyy?! Do you remember when this also happened to me when I had a major event with GMA last year? Sigh... Anyway, I will still try to show you the fun that we had through these photos. I hope you enjoy reading!

The event was held at EVER GOTESCO MALL in Commonwealth. When I first heard that the event would take place in the said mall, I got excited because the place is near my house plus it's so convenient to travel there because the roads are huge and one is less likely to be stuck in traffic. 

Do you see me in the banner? Yayyy!!! 

However, I would be honest and say that I don't often go to Ever Gotesco so when I got there and saw this, I was amazed! (It's prettier in person, though. The camera didn't give the view much justice.) I couldn't believe this simple mall has this amazing view! It felt as if I was in Tagaytay or Baguio! Mall goers around the area are so lucky their mall has this! In the malls that I often go to, I only see walls and parking lots.

The mall was also impressively huge inside. If you are just passing through it along the high-way, you would think it's cramped. But it is the other way around when you go closer and come in. 

And take a look at this! The mall is even decorated inside! Their theme was festive and vibrant! Annddd, look at all the shoppers! I was appalled how many people were inside. The mall is so colorful and lively inside. 

I was also shocked when I got to the event and saw Kris Lumagui there. I thought I was going to be alone but I got excited when I found out that she was hosting out event. Kris is one of the people on internet that I truly like. She is genuine, sweet and kind-hearted. I felt honored I got to share the stage with her. 

And notice how her top matches the theme of EVER! Hehe

So I was the event guest blogger and Kris was the event host. 

Too bad my files were corrupted. But it was so funny when we were backstage. Since Kris was the host, she had to memorize script and lines, while mine was spontaneous. Kris was practicing her lines but because I was so excited to see her, I kept talking to her. Hehe But I think Kris was able to capture it on her vlog, so be sure to check out her video on this event. 

The event started at 3 PM! And, oh, that's my OOTD! Someone on YouTube told me rad and maroon looks good on me so I'm trying to wear more of those colors these days. What do you think of my outfit? Of course, it ain't expensive! :)

The first thing we did was giveaway special gifts care of Ever Malls and Alpha Corporate Events to lucky Mother's present at the event. Honestly, it was difficult to choose randomly from the audience because they all wanted to win. 

It always feels good to give to others, don't you agree? I especially like it when I am giving something to Mother's. I know and I understand the heart of Moms even though I am not one yet. Mothers are always giving and caring. They always think of their families first than themselves. 

If I am not mistaken, we gave away about 20 gift packs to lucky Moms. However, I won't be uploading all 20 photos. Hehe Here are some of our lucky winners!

After the giveaway, we went to the next segment which was FOOD TASTING! Ooh, youo guys know how much I love food, right?

There were plenty of food stalls present at the event care of Mom's Kitchen. Food like Lechon, Pastillas, Pasta, Siomai and Siopao, Tusok-tusok, Kakanin, Chicharon, Pasalubong goodies and so much more were enjoyed by shoppers! 

My favorites were the Suman sa Latik, Boneless Crispy Lechon, Chicharon with laman and the Pastillas!

The next event was the POP TALK where we asked 2 Mom from the audience to volunteer for the segment. Since Kris was the host, she was the one who picked from our audience.

The segment was rather easy, quick and fun! All we had to do was taste some of the food selection from Mom's Kitchen! Of course, the Moms and I were so delighted! I mean, we love food, especially free food tasting! Don't you? :)

We had them try the Pastillas, Suman, Bibingka, Boneless Lechon, Chicharon with Laman and Vegan Siopao!

What they had to do after tasting everything was to raise their "ALPHA CORPORATE EVENTS POP AT EVER MALLS" card if they think the food tastes great! They said everything was delicious! 

The event was quick yet fun! It was also like a mini Meet and Greet because I was also able to meet new Fluffies I have never met before! Some photos are also missing along with the video files but here are some that I was able to rescue.

Thank you so much, girls, for coming to meet me! It was so nice chatting with you though the time was limited! THANK YOU so much!

Oh, and after the event, my BF and I decided to go around the mall to see what more we could discover. We saw a fast-food that still has this CHICKEN MERRY-GO-ROUND thing! I know 90s kids will relate to this! I remember how this was the "IN" thing when I was young. Jollibee and McDonalds have nothing on this, I swear! You were considered cool back then. Hehe

I am so happy I got to witness the event at Ever Gotesco Malls. A huge thanks to Alpha Corporate Events for having me! Unlike other events I have been to, this one was quick, easy, fun and spontaneous. It was like the real me. But on a stage. In a huge mall. Hehe

Don't forget to check out EVER MALLS on Facebook to get updates on their next big event. I checked their account and saw they often have top celebrities grace their events!

Thank you so much for reading today, Fluffies! Have an awesome weekend ahead!