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WHAT TO BUY IN DAISO JAPAN (Dasio Japan in the Philippines)

One of my favorite places to shop is DAISO! I love how they have everything from adorable toys, cute room decorations, affordable kitchen stuff, gadgets and electronics, food and snacks to toiletries and makeup!

However, not a lot of people know how awesome the store is. So I thought of going to Daiso to look for awesome stuff that you guys might be interested in. Of course, I also filmed VLOG VIDEOS so you have a virtual shopping experience at Daiso!

I just want to say that this video is NOT sponsored by Daiso. Some people think that I was paid to do these videos but I was not. It's not that I am complaining but I wasn't even given a single free item by Daiso when I visited their store. I did, however, ask for the Management's consent before filming. But I was not given anything in return to do this. It was out of my own will. I just really LOVE shopping at Daiso! Hehe

DAISO has many branches! I know you guys are curious so let me list down few Daiso branches that I know of:
*Las Pinas City - Robinson's Place and Madison Galeries
*Makati - Glorietta 3
*Malabon - Robinson's Town Malabon
*Mandaluyong - Shangri La Mall
*Manila - Robinson's Place Manila
*Paranaque - Robinson's BF Homes
*Pasig - Robinson's Metro East
*Quezon City - Robinson's Galleria, Robinson's Magnolia, Trinoma and Farmer's Plaza
*Taguig - Market! Market!

The store that I featured in the 2 vlog vides are DAISO ROBINSON'S MAGNOLIA in Quezon City. Honestly, the branch that I often visit is not the one I featured. But when I asked for the consent of Daiso, they referred me to their Magnolia branch. I see why they referred me there. That branch is bigger, brighter and they have lot of stocks and new items!

As I have mentioned, the store offers wide array of items. You can even bring your whole family there and I swear everyone will go out with someone in their hand. Yes, even your pet will surely have something to take home!

I also think it's crazy how everything in the store only costs Php 88!! That is just $1.77 when converted! But if you ask me if everything is worth buying, I'd say not everything. So you still have to be a wise-shopper. Stuff like gadgets, decors, apparels, tools and makeup are surely cheap for Php 88 each. But I honestly think the food that they sell like cookies and candies are pricey for Php 88 each. I think that is how they earn, though. For some items, they almost earn nothing because of the low price so on other items, they earn because they are priced higher than they do on local shops and department stores.


VIDEO 1 is a VIRTUAL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! I went to the whole store and filmed almost every cute item I saw. Stuff like anime inspired merchandise, pet stuff, school supplies, gadgets, food and makeup are featured! 

VIDEO 2 is a sit-down video where I just showed 10 ITEMS. What makes this video special is that I showed 10 UNIQUE items I found! I was amazed and impressed because I am quite sure those items won't be easily found outside Daiso. What can I say, though? Japan products will always be unique and interesting! 

Why did I think of filming inside Daiso instead of the "usual" shopping haul video? To be honest, I didn't want to spend my money on things I just want to show (off) in the video but do not actually need in real life. I mean, I could buy all the Mickey Mouse stuff I saw but I won't really need them nor be able to use them. I thought it's wiser to feature the items so viewers would have an idea but also save myself from shelling out my own money. Honestly, I think what I did was a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. WIN for me. WIN for the viewers. WIN for Daiso. Hehe

If you're reading this but you're not from the Philippines but would still want to try and buy some of the items, I am pretty sure you could visit a Daiso branch in your city and still find similar items. I went to Singapore in 2016 and went to DAISO in EON Mall in Orchard and I was surprised when I saw that they sell same items as what we have in Manila. So you could try and visit a Daiso branch in your town, too!

Let me end this blog post by showing you a photo of me and my pet, Fluffy! If you watched VIDEO 1, I showed a lot of PET items. I actually bought the pet bag carrier, dog bed and a shirt for her. She loved them! As for me, I bought some makeup and room decor. My Mom, who also came with me, bought most of the unique items I showed in VIDEO 2! Hehe 

I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoyed watching my DAISO vlogs!

Do you have anything in particular that you want to see on my YouTube channel? Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

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