Thursday, May 4, 2017

POLVORON Whistle Challenge featuring Jayden Rodrigues and Joanna Soh!

Jayden Rodrigues(Australia) and Joanna Soh(Malaysia) recently went to the Philippines for the YouTube Creator Day Meet and Greet! I thought it would be perfect to have them grace one of my videos and ask them to do a challenge with me!

Are you ready? Can you guess who won the challenge? 

POLVORON Whistle Challenge with Jayden and Joanna! 
CLICK PLAY to witness the fun we had while trying to accomplish the challenge!

POLOVORON is a Filipino delicacy that is heavy, soft, crumbly and very powdery! It is a shortbread made of flour, milk, sugar and nuts! To keep it simple, it's a very, very powdery treat! 

The challenge was to consume as many Polvoron in 1 minute and when the timer buzzes, whistle while the Polvoron is still inside the mouth! It may not sound very challenging but trust me, trying to whistle while your mouth is dry and powdery is tough! 

I hope you enjoyed watching our short video challenge! It was an impromptu collab video so I had to think of what was easy to grab from the store. POLVORON was the first thing that came to my mind. 

A HUGE thanks to Jayden and to Joanna for agreeing to do this video challenge with me and for being such good sport! Don't forget to check out their videos and subscribe to them, too!