Friday, July 28, 2017


What is the right age to get married? Is it after college? Is it when you finally have stable income? Or is it when your parents and siblings have all settled? I sometimes find myself asking that question. Really, when is the right time to get married? 

On the other hand, there are people who ask why they aren't married yet. There are many reasons why someone is still unmarried. Most of the time, people who remain single and unmarried when they reach the age of 30 often feel pressured. Pressured by peers, pressured by parents and pressured by the society. 

In some countries, especially here in Asia, women are expected to marry early. For some, getting married is also the start of either building a family empire, unlocking a life achievement or simply being obedient to parents. For those who don't want or can't marry before they turn 30, the challenge, stress and pressure they go through are real.

I recently came across a video by SK-II that aims to raise awareness about the social pressure on women to get married at an early age. The video attempted to change the destiny of women in Asia. I've embeded the video to let you witness it, too.  

SK-II is a company that works with bringing knowledge to this enormous problem that I, and many women all over the world, take part in. I wasn't surprised that SK-II came up with this video. I have been following the brand hence am aware that they really contribute to uplifting women. 

I posted my take on the video. As someone who grew up in a broken, I know how it feels to dream of and long for a happy and complete parents. I dream of giving my future children something I never had - MARRIED PARENTS. 

Please watch my video below. I filmed it in English so more people could relate since SK-II is a global brand. 

I personally have felt how it is to be pressured because I still am unmarried. I used to worry about my age and worry about the consequences it may bring. One of those is the fact I might have a hard time getting pregnant and giving birth because I may have passed my prime years. I also felt worried about being too old for my future children and that I may not be able to enjoy my time with them when they get older, unlike my friends and relatives who started their families early. 

But I realized that instead of using my time worrying, I could use it to improve myself. 

So, I took language classes. 

I raised a pet. 

I spent more time with my family. 

I traveled with my friends.

I made myself closer to God.

And I also took the time to build a YouTube career. 

I know some people who were still able to pursue their dreams and do the things they want even though they got married early. What I am saying is that people who still aren't married can choose to be productive instead of being idle. Instead of looking for the perfect person to be married to, why not be the perfect person? 

Social media also plays a huge part in adding the pressure to us. Facebook is always filled with photos of proposals, engagements, weddings and baby photos. But I believe we should not let those affect us. Think of it as something to be thankful for. You still have plenty of time to get ready and prepare for your perfect wedding, pin photos, gather ideas and of course, save money.

I believe getting married and settling down doesn't have an expiry date. We make our own destiny and each of our story is unique and special. And my last piece of advice? Get married when you are READY. Not when you're lonely, not when you're pressured. Marriage is a gift and great gifts come to those tho truly wait.

With that, let me leave you this photo I made over 4 years ago 
when I wrote my blog article entitled TRUE LOVE WAITS

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