Friday, August 11, 2017

FASHION 21 LIPSTICK HAUL - Lips versus 102 Lipsticks

One of the things I can never have enough is LIPSTICK. It's surprising how a RED SHADE could mean 16 tubes and CORAL mean 10 different ones. If you take a look at my makeup cabinet, you will see that I have over 300 lip products while I only have 12 tubes of mascara. Because a mascara is a mascara. It's either black or brown and should volumize and lengthen the lashes. But lipstick? It could be in Fire Red, Rich Red, Russian Red, Parissian Red, Bright Red, Dark Red, etc.

I recently got 2 boxes of lipsticks from Fashion 21! Can you guess how many lipsticks there are in total? 102!!! Fashion 21 sent me 102 pieces of lipsticks! I was so overwhelmed, I decided to do an unboxing video on it! 

You really need to see me unbox all those 102 LIPSTICKS, I am telling you!

This must be every woman's dream, don't you agree? I mean, all shades of lipsticks in red, peach, pink, orange and matte?! Who can resist?

I love ALL the lipsticks and I am thinking how in my lifetime would I be able to finish all of those PLUS the other ones that I already own. Anyway, my favorite line from Fashion 21 is their ALL DAY MATTE LIPSTICK. It's the purple lipsticks I showed in the latter part of the video. One of the must-try shades is the MULBERRY. I like it because it's color rich, long-lasting and feels light on the lips. The runner-up faves are SUSHI and MADARIN! 

A lot of people are requesting for another SWATCH video featuring these 
Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipsticks

I will be doing it soon so please stay tuned!

Fashion 21 lipsticks are so affordable. Each tube costs Php 175. You can buy them if you visit their outlets at leading department stores and drug stores. 

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