Sunday, September 16, 2018


How much free stuff do bloggers really get? While I can't answer that question in general since each of us gets free stuff depending on how much influence the brand thinks we have, how many followers we actually have and how relevant we are in a certain field. But to give you an overview, I'm sharing with you my HAUL for the month of August.

Before we proceed, let me just quickly orient you with some terms and phrases commonly used in the "vlogging world": "HAUL" and "PR items". Haul refers to a video or post where a person shows items recently purchased or given for free. It's usually an accumulative batch of goodies acquired in a specific given time or purchased at a specific given place. PR refers to "public relations" and when the term "pr padala" is used, it simply means items given for free by brands, shops or sponsors.

To see all the items given to me by "PR" agencies recently, be sure to watch my "HAUL"!

It has come to my attention that haul videos are one of the most enjoyed kind of videos by viewers and netizens. I mean, I understand the rave. I know how satisfying it is to hear the sound of packaging and paper bags being raveled. 

Here are some close-up shots!

Which one is your favorite item/brand among my haul? I honestly can't drop just one name since I am inlove with all of them!

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Until my next HAUL!

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