Tuesday, January 1, 2019

THIS IS WHY I LOVE ROSEGAL! | Clothes Haul & Try-On

Do you love shopping for clothes but can't seem to find the time to actually go to the mall? Thankfully, almost anything can be done now using the internet, even shopping! I often post shopping haul videos of items that I got from Rosegal.com

Though I have the time to actually go out and shop for clothes, sometimes I find it convenient to shop online. I like that when see something nice and when I need a specific item for an event, I could just search the net for the item and actually order it, no matter what time or day it is. 

I also like Rosegal because their items are not as expensive as other online shops. They also deliver the items straight to my home and I love that the items often arrive exactly as how I imagined them from the online photos. The sizes of their items are also pretty accurate.

To see all the items I got from Rosegal, be sure to watch my HAUL VIDEO :

If there is just one thing that I don't like, it's that their items always run out of stock pretty fast. There was a pair of glittery boots that I order a month ago but I ordered size 38 instead of size 37. The boots is unbelievably gorgeous in person but I can't wear it since it's too big on me. I tried ordering it on Rosegal again but it's already out of stock. :(

I hope you enjoyed this haul video!

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