Sunday, July 24, 2011

24 Piece Acrylic Lipstick Organizer/ Holder

The best way to store your favorite lipsticks! :)

I stumbled upon this photo on Flickr. This photo is from Rochelle's Flickr.
I was just browsing photos
out of boredom then I saw this. I was really amazed so I Googled it.

I don't know where she got it from but other bloggers mentioned that they got theirs from eBay. I didn't want to order from eBay (just because I haven't tried ordering from there yet,ever. lol) so I Googled some more information.

I was able to find one seller who's based here in the Philippines but I am sorry I couldn't mention where I got it from because I forgot the website. *lol. silly me* ^^ I will send the seller a message and ask her if I could just post her cellular phone number here. She offers a pretty good deal for only Php150 (about $3) for a 24 pc acrylic lipstick holder and that includes free shipping! Anyway, she was one of the easiest online sellers I've dealt with ever. All it took for us was about 3 text messages and the deal was closed. I deposited the payment at the bank the next morning (Thursday) then got the package at around 2 pm (Friday).

If you are new to this blog, then you may have missed the blog I wrote about the pros and cons of shopping online. Click here to read the article. :)

This is how the holder looks. It's made of acrylic material and it's clear so it looks neat. It's perfect for organizing your lipsticks since storing them in drawers takes extra time especially if you are in a hurry because you still need to look at the labels just to find the right shade that you needed.

It holds 24 lipsticks perfectly. But based on other blogs I've read, it doesn't work really well with MAC lipsticks since it's bullet shaped so it wobbles around. If you are a MAC lippie lover, I suggest you label the top of the cap so you could store it upright.

I don't have many lipsticks yet so a 24 compartment was just perfect for me.
If you have MORE lipsticks than I do, then you could get 3 of this or just try to find a 60 compartment on other online shops or on eBay.

I love how this holder makes it so much easier to find my lipsticks. I don't have bullet shaped lipsticks like MAC but I do have lipsticks that have their labels at the bottom (unlike NYX which was perfect) so I had to label them. I just put one letter mark one each lipsticks. (R for Red Pepper, M for Mango Peach, S for Summer Pink, C for Glittery Cocoa and so on.. ). If you feel too lazy to do that then just grab some stickers and put it on top of your favorite lippies! :)

Here are some photos showing how I used to store my lipsticks:

Storing lipsticks like this is fine but wouldn't you rather go for something easier? I mean, it's too much of an effort to open each drawers and check the labels just to find what you want to use for that day.

Now, we can say goodbye to our drawers and say hello to this acrylic holders! :)

And this is how it looks now! I just love it!

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*I've been getting a lot of messages because of this post.. Sometimes I wonder if I should just start selling acrylic lipstick holder instead of writing blogs. *lol* I'm kidding! I just wanted to say that for each recommendation that I give, I don't get paid or get any commission whatsoever. Here's my e-mail address:*


  1. Ok, I need one as soon as possible, my lipstick collection looks like a mess!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  2. Hi there! Go grab one! I think you could get it from eBay since you are from the U.S. I checked out your blog and followed you. You have an amazing blog! ^_^

  3. Hi can I get the number of the supplier? I'm really looking for something like that too to store my lippies too :D Hope you can help thanks!!

  4. @ Anonymous, its sad that you didnt indicate your name or even an e-mail address. Well I do hope you get to read this message. But first I wanna make sure that you are from the PH. :) Because Im not sure if the seller ships outside the PH. Heres my e-mail address send me a message once you read this and then i'll give you her contact number. xoxo ^_^

  5. Hi. I looove this rack! :) I mailed you on yahoo mail, pls do check. Im from the PH too. Hope u can give me ur suppliers # :) I wanna buy! :* Thankyouuu

  6. hi there, im really interested in this lipstick holder. can you give me your seller's number? hehe thanks. :)

  7. Hi @glittergirlista I will visit your blog then give you the details. ^_^

  8. Hi @Carmella I have checked my e-mail and saw your message. I have already sent my response. I hope that could help you. ^_^ Please follow this blog too if you haven't yet. Thank you! ^_^

  9. omg i need to get mine fixed like that too! i can't find anyone who sells these holders for cheap :(

  10. Addie: I already sent you my email address. Send me a message and Ill def give you info on how you could get your own lipstick holder. ^_^

  11. hi, i want to buy some. can u give me her number pls?:) heres mine. pls do txt me. 09158479344

  12. Hi! i will be very happy if you'd give me her contact number. been looking for this for years lol. here's mine 09237165351. pls pls txt me her number :)

  13. Me too! Please message me: 09279678540, her digits so I can buy too! :) Thanks!

  14. Hi sis! Where did you buy your acrylic holder please? :-)

  15. Sis, where did you buy this please? Please email me here:


  16. kindly email me the number of the seller of the lipstick organizer too, thanks! (

  17. hello..can you send me the seller's number and do they have the 60 compartment lipstick organizer is my email ad.... thanks again.

  18. Hi me too.. Can u send me her contact details here is my email Thank you girl : )

  19. Everyone please contact me at Thank you :)


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