Friday, July 22, 2011

Side Braid Hairstyle

The perfect and easy summer hairstyle.

There's somethings about a side braid hairstyle that makes it perfect for summer. It gives us that pretty look without being overly done. It keeps sweaty locks from sticking to our skin and it also goes perfect from a daytime lunch date with friends to night time party at the beach. Since it's a hairstyle intended for the summer season, you don't need to get it perfectly in place just to get the look.

Let's get started:

1. Apply some mousse or styling lotion.

2. Gather your locks in one side. In this picture, I put it on the right side but you could put it whichever side you're most comfortable at.

3. Part your hair starting from the top. Grab a section of your hair.

4. Using the section the you have gathered, plaid it once.

5. After that, you'd want to grab some section and join it in and plaid once more.

6. Continue grabbing some hair section, join it with 1 section of the braided hair then continue braiding.

7. Braid, add a section,repeat.

8. The hair section doesn't need to be neat. Just grad hair secti
ons randomly.

9. Remember to just braid hair sections loosely for that fresh summery look.

10. Keep on adding until you've joined all locks together.

11. Keep braiding until you reach the tips of your hair.

12. Tie it with a black or clear rubber band.

13. Pull thin sections of hair near your face to create that really cool and natural braided style. thin sections inwards.

And you're done!

Here are some photos of me in this hairstyle. :)

* * *
I hope you liked this easy yet chic and girly hairstyle!
It's perfect for Spring or Summer.

When you need to go somewhere else at night but you don't have enough time to get ready then simple untie the hair and it will create that sexy summer waves.

Please stayed tuned for more!